Tomato’s – Sun Dried And Delicious

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Chicken Hot Wings

New found popularity of chicken wings. 🙂 I have been working with a local chicken breeder to develop a new breed of chicken, one without any nuggets but having 6 or 8 wings and legs.How my world has changed. In the past chicken wings were not considered fit to serve to your family or guest. They were commonly boiled to make chicken stock or fried and fed to the dogs.

Sun Dried tomato’s. Guess what. USDA said most store bought Sun Dried Tomato’s are not really Sun Dried! Most are dried using commercial type dehydrators.
In my opinion, Slower truly Sun Dried tomato’s seem to be more flavorful.

Selecting tomato’s to be dried. Select any kind of Tomato, ripe, but not over ripe, still firm and free of insect damage or bruising. The yield varies considerably depending on the moisture content of the tomatoes, which depends upon the type of tomato you select and weather conditions. Pasta (paste) tomatoes (Roma) work well and typically will yield 2 cups (about 1 pint) of dried tomatoes for each 5 lbs of fresh.

solar dehydrator * Sun/solar drying (search for building a food dehydrator)
* Oven drying, set oven temperature to 130 to 145 degrees. Prop open (crack oven door) to allow warm moist air to escape.
* Counter top electric dehydrator. Follow instructions for your dehydrator.

Cut small tomatoes, grape, cherry and Roma types in half. Cut large tomatoes in to 1/4 size. Under running cold water remove seeds. Dust with your choice of herbs. Place tomatoes ‘Skin Side Down’ on drying racks.

Drying time depends on temperature, water content of the tomatoes, the thickness of the slices, and how well the air is able to circulate around them. When done, the tomatoes should be flexible, like a raisin from a fresh bag, not brittle. Many people describe them as leathery with a deep red color, without free water or a tacky feeling.

Let your tomatoes cool to room temperature this will take about 20 to 30 minutes. Fill zip lock bags. Don’t overfill the bags, leave a little room for expansion. Do try to avoid leaving any excess air pockets! A vacuum bag is a better choice. Be sure to squeeze out the extra air.

Storing your dried tomatoes. Store dried tomatoes in a cool dark place. The freezer is best, the dried tomatoes will retain their color and flavor for about 9 to 12 months. A refrigerator is OK for a few weeks, but if there is much moisture left in them, they WILL soon start to get moldy.

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4 responses to “Tomato’s – Sun Dried And Delicious

  1. Both the ideas in the comments sound delicious. Again an excellent post full of useful information!


  2. Love them on a home made pizza with goat cheese and fresh basil. Delicious!


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