Cute Pretty Chicks And Rose Gardens

Sad but true story. My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them. Thank you

barn yard chickens I lied! This post is mostly about new hatched chickens(chicks), not all that much about roses nor is it about cute pretty girls (chicks). When I say chicks I am talking about newly hatched chickens, pullets and rosters. It is time to consider picking up a few chicks. I think it is worth paying a premium price and getting sexed chicks, all pullets. Unless you plan to breed and hatch a few chicks next year you really don’t need a rooster that will start crowing at 3am causing you and your neighbors to lose much needed sleep.

Almost all farm/ranch stores will have or will soon have chicks available. There are many breeds available. Starting with the cute tiny bantams (about 1/4 to 1/5 the size of standard breeds) both slick legged and feather footed breeds.

Bantams are small taking up much less space. Most are quiet and easy to handle. All bantams are good layers of smallish mostly brown eggs. Bantams feed needs is small. They are great to control insects in your yard (ticks) and garden. A yard with 1 or 2 bantams will be a tick free zone.

It will take 24 to 26 weeks from hatching date to find your first egg.
Be aware that a chicken will lay 1 egg about every 27 hours. If you have 4 pullets / laying hens, you will gather about 6 eggs per-hen each week. That adds up to 24 eggs, 2 dozen eggs a week. How many eggs do you and your family consume weekly? Match the number of hens you purchase based on the real number of eggs your family will consume.

As an example. I have 2 laying hens, they feed me, my daughter, son-n-law, grandson and his wife all the eggs we want. I sometime have an excess of eggs and give eggs to a few of my friends and neighbors.

Now the part about Roses. Now is the time to clean your rose garden and carefully work the soil around your roses in preparation for the cold weather to come. Remove old mulch putting it in your compost pile. Lightly till your rose garden soil exposing weed seeds and insect eggs and larva to the sun, hungry birds and dry air. This will help kill over wintering insect eggs and larva. A much needed easy insect control activity.

After your first hard freeze, reapply a heavy layer of mulch to protect your roses root system and to conserve moisture in your garden.

Plan now for your New Rose Garden. If your planning to put in a new rose garden, now is the time to design, your new garden space. Deep dig and start amending your new rose garden soil. Readying the garden for planting your potted or bare root rose bushes. This information comes from Texas A&M. Texas AgriLife Extension Service Most of this information applies to any rose gardener whether you live in Texas or Sydney, Australia.

Get your rose garden soil tested and amend your soil as necessary. A soil pH range of 7 is considered neutral. Above 7 is alkaline and below 7 is acid. Roses grow best in a soil pH range of 6 to 7.

When selecting your rose plants always try to purchase Grade 1 plants.

If your rose plants come bare root, remove the packing around the roots and soak them in a bucket of water for at least 2 hours and up to 24 hours before planting.

If your new to growing roses you may want to consider selecting and planting Rugosa Roses These are the most shade, drought and poor soil condition tolerant roses. They have bright green heavily textured foliage that is disease resistant and that dislikes chemical sprays. These shrubs, with repeat bloom, come in reds, mauves, pinks and white. The plants have attractive hips in the fall.

* Be sure the soil in the planting area is loose and rich in organic matter.
* Dig a hole large enough to spread out the roots, usually 12-18 inches in diameter.
* Make a cone-shaped mound with soil, in the center of the hole and spread the roots out over the mound.

Not from the U.S.A. Leave a comment telling me about your home town and country

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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5 responses to “Cute Pretty Chicks And Rose Gardens

  1. Again a great post. I always appreciate the information you share. Our town just banned poultry now to get rid of livestock. It wasn’t a hassle until two residents brought animals into their yards just to annoy the neighbors. No one would mind hens, but three to four roosters not really needed in a small area, along with sheep and bawling calves. Anyway, loved the post.


    • re lucindalines it’s sad that city counsel is so uneducated that they can’t write a ordnance banning livestock and not banning a few laying hens.
      Happy gardening


  2. I’m sure you’ll get lots of new followers with your “chicks” title. 😉


  3. Hmmm…around here, the feed stored don’t stock chicks until spring. The only way that we get fall chicks is if we have a hen go broody. Broody hens are the all time BEST way to raise chicks. If you can give them a safe place to incubate eggs and raise their babies, all the work is done for you. No light bulbs, litter, and definitely NO CHICKS STINKING UP THE GARAGE!

    My Austrolorps that I bought last spring are just about to adult size and should start laying soon.


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