Lazy Summer Dogs (I Do Mean – Hot Dogs)

1905 street vendor selling hotdogs. 3 cents each or two for 5 cents.
First things first. What makes the best hotdog bun?
* Off the supermarket shelf hotdog buns. Serve at room temperature, warmed or toasted on your BBQ grill or on a cast iron grill pan.

* Baguette, French or Italian stick bread.
– Hoagie bun.
– Sourdough buns. (see Hoagie bun)
– Subway bun. (See Hoagie bun)
– Croissant bun or Bavarian Croissant or Pretzel Croissant bun.(Not moon shaped)
– Cuban bun (bread) similar to French and Italian baguette bun. (bread)
– Split top roll(bun) A hot dog style roll.
— Cut bun(roll) in half if to long for 1 serving. Slice length wise to lay open like butterfly wings.
– Tortilla – use small flour tortillas, fold in half serve like a flour taco with your favored toppings.

No matter what name you use. Frankfurters, franks, wieners, weenies, tube steak, worst(there are many types and styles), (hot) links, Polish or Italian sausage. They all go well served on a warm or toasted bun with topping of your choice.

Spread (unsalted) butter on your buns, grill to a golden brown.
Hint Before spreading room temperature, soft butter on your bun, add a little mustard and or garlic paste to your soft butter, mix well. 😦 I know it sounds bad, but, 🙂 it really taste good. Wow what a delightful surprise.

Ketchup, mayo, mustard, diced onion, relish, chili (I use canned Wolf brand) and grated cheddar cheese are all American common hotdog toppings.

Now lets try thinking out of the bun.
* Shredded cabbage or cold slaw.
* De-seeded sliced, diced or grilled chili pepper.
* Crispy bacon slices or bacon bits.
* Grilled red onions.
* Slice, dice or grate any cheese that you like not just American cheddar cheese.
* Sliced or diced avocado or avocado dip.
* A dollop of sour cream dip.
* Sweet, dill or sour pickles finely diced. Drain away excess pickle juice.
* Tomato’s or maybe cucumbers finely diced and drained.

All American Hotdog Is one of those dishes that it’s really hard to screw up.

Not from the U.S.A. Leave a comment telling us about your home town and country

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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6 responses to “Lazy Summer Dogs (I Do Mean – Hot Dogs)

  1. Something is just very homey and tasty about weiners of any kind in a bun. My fav is hot dog in a toasted bun with catsup and mustard. I know. Purists out there abhor catsup on a hotdog. What can I say. I grew up in Upstate NY and that’s how we roll. Many thanks for stopping by my blog.


    • Re conniecockrell – Thanks for stopping by for a visit and for your comment(s)
      Few will openly admit it, but, I think hotdogs are one of those comfort foods you are always hearing about. In the southwest US as often as not, that means, frankfurters or weenie, boiled not grilled, until it puffs up and is hot and juicy, served on a warm bun topped with mustard, (wolf brand) chili, lots of diced onions, sliced or diced jalapeño pepper and shredded cheddar cheese.
      Happy gardening


  2. I’ll go with the Lazy Summer part. Hot-dogs are icky, but a real-veal-German wiener schnitzel with curry sauce, yum.


  3. Ketchup on a hotdog??? Definitely not Chicago style.


    • 🙂 I’m not a big ketchup fan. I never buy or make the stuff! But I do know people that puts ketchup on everything from their breakfast eggs to dinners zucchini.

      Happy gardening


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