Every Dog Needs A Boy

It was Christmas 1952 I was 5 years old and that year I received two presents. First was a 5 week old ‘real’ live beagle puppy. I was elated at having my very own beagle puppy, a ‘real’ hunting dog! He came from a good line of dogs and as such came with papers and his name was Dart the III! That was a bit formal so we settled on just Dart.

Second was a model 67a winchester 22 rifle. It was chambered to fire 22 shorts, longs or long rifle cartridges and was sized for younger hunters. It had a shorter stock and a half barrel making it a perfect fit for the smaller hunter. As you see, I know longer considered myself a child, I had a real hunting dog and a hunting rifle making me a hunter and no longer a child.

Short Legs and Cold Weather made my first winter as a hunter one that 62 years later I still remember as if it were yesterday. My hunting dog, Dart spent much of our first winter together safe and warm, stuffed in my coat peering out of a hole between two coat buttons. I would always put him on the ground before we topped that last sand hill just south of the house, I didn’t want anyone to know Dart had spent the day warm and dry in my coat, he was after all a real hunting dog!

Dart and I spent 13 of the happiest years of my life hunting rabbits and squirrels in the winter and fishing during the warm summer months. He was my ever present companion and friend. As he and I grew older he seemed to sense and understand had we had less time to spend hunting and fishing. Working more around the farm and daddy’s welding shop. Dart never seemed to mind, he was still my ever present companion. Never under foot but always keeping me in his sight. At age 17 or maybe I was 18, when I came home and found that old dog had died in the shade of his favorite cottonwood, without even a whimper, I was then and 50 years later, still broken hearted at the loss of the best friend and companion I have ever had.

A man or boy is blessed if in once in his life time he has one ‘good’ dog. I am truly blessed as I had Dart and now I have a blue heeler, Spock, and a border collie, BG, that are my ever present companions, what more can a man want or ask for, a loving family, wonderful daughter, grand kids, great grand kids and my very own dog.

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18 responses to “Every Dog Needs A Boy

  1. How you doing? I like reading your stories. I too wanted to beagle when I was a young boy. But instead I got a mangy little rat terrier runt instead! I remember crying cause I didn’t like the dog. We never had animals with papers we always took pet resscue animals my whole life. That makes me feel good! I even rescued a stray cockatiel that flew down on my finger from the neighbors gutter he is about 23 years old now, but that’s a whole nother story. Maybe someday you’ll read about it on my blog.


    • Re greentime1 Thanks for taking time to visit my humble little blog and for your comment(s) 🙂 Hehehe…. the best I can remember, the dog was used in trade to pay off a bill owed to my daddy.
      Happy safe 4th of July holiday


  2. Great story. You’re lucky to have had such a good friend then and now.


    • Re bittster Thanks for taking time to visit my tiny blog and for your comment(s)
      How much your dog likes you is a direct reflection on the amount of affection you give them!
      happy 4th of July holiday


  3. diggingforsanity

    Beautiful story. We’re hoping to get a dog next year and I hope he/she will be as good a companion to my children as Dart was to you.


    • Re diggingforsanity Thanks for coming by for a visit and for your comment(s) 🙂 Take great care in selecting a companion dog your your child(children)
      Happy 4th Holiday


  4. It’s hard to lose a pet at any age, especially one who has been such a good companion.


  5. I couldn’t imagine life with out a dog at my side, I grew up with a doberman, and I now have a black lab, and a husky. The lab is a great retriever! The husky is a great hunter, but always consumes the pray, so not so good for me.


    • Thanks for taking time to visit my tiny blog and for your comment(s)
      As a younger man when I did a lot of duck and goose hunting a lot of my hunting buddies had Lab retrievers, they are excellent retrievers and wonder people loving dogs.

      Thanks again


  6. Thanks for your very hind kind comment(s)


  7. Lovely story, thanks so much for sharing…


  8. Cant wait this fall my husband has planned to get my youngest son his first dog also… My little man is 6 and we have spent a lot of time thinking about what kind of dog to get him and we have settled on a hunting dog too… although a little larger then a beagle. We are hoping to get a German Short hair pointer that we can all love and hunt with… I also hope that my husband gets some relief from his sadness of not having a dog in the family for so long….. about 7 years now… it is time to start again


    • Grin … hunting dogs can be problematic! Some of them get on the ‘hunt’ nose to the ground and this seems to disconnect their ears…;and they can’t seem to hear you calling them!!!!

      Good luck and happy gardening


  9. This is a really moving and uplifting post. I have known a few wonderful dogs in my life and can empathise. Thank-you for visiting my blog and liking my latest post.
    I live in the middle of farmland in the county of Suffolk, England. Suffolk is in East Anglia, a fairly flat part of the country, and we are about ten miles from the east coast. East Anglia is the driest part of Great Britain and (I think) very beautiful.


    • clarepooley33 – Thanks for taking time to visit my humble little blog and for your kind comment(s)
      Way back when in the 1970’s I was assigned ‘attached to’ the British army 39 and 27 medium artillery regiments as weapons support. I never seemed to be able to make a visit to the UK, it seemed that ever trip I planned was interrupted by some kind of emergency that prevented me from traveling to the UK.

      Happy gardening


  10. I am a dog lover myself. I understand the special bond with can have with our pets. Thank you for sharing such a sweet childhood memory. Your description of your life and family does show that you area very lucky as well as blessed man.


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