Happy Safe Memorial Day Weekend

USDA said “it will cost about $9.00 to feed each of your Memorial day BBQ guest, burgers and beer. Grin … it may be cheaper to order in pizza!

I’m at it again. Government agencies, NSA, FBI, CIA, BATF, DHS and others want your personal information. Advertising agencies and hackers all want your personal information and how and what you search for.

I use Startpage.com it never stores your search information and does not store your computers IP address. Under setup you can setup Startpage to conduct all searches using SSL encrypted data security connections.
A new to me search engine called duckduckgo is getting a lot of media attention the past week. I gave duckduckgo a test drive and for me it was harder to setup and use than Startpage and provided no better security.

Change your passwords often Yes, yes, I know you hear this advice all the time, but, the true fact is 75 percent of passwords are the same old easy to guess passwords used by millions of internet users. Dumb things like password, 123, Jane1234, John7890. Good passwords will not contain words and will be at least 8 characters long containing numbers, upper and lower case letters and special characters like *$#!().

I highly recommend you find and use a random password generator application. http://maord.com/ is a easy to use, effective and Free password generator. There are many others available. 🙂 Do a secure search for make passwords

Have a Happy Save Memorial day weekend.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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