April Rain Showers Bring Bindweed Flowers

Yuk! The wind is kicking up at 20+ mph gusting higher. Sky in the west/northwest has that odd red color that comes with sand and dust in the air.

I need to get out and plow my garden plot one last time before I plant a few tomato’s, cucumbers and squash seedlings. However I think I’ll wait for a day when the wind is not so aggressive to do that.

container tomato I have decided that I will try planting vegetables that may be better known as container vegetables. All will be of the bush varieties and as quick to mature as I can find. I hope to have most of my garden harvested before the real heat of summer arrives in July and August. That will still give me 90 to 120 days of garden growing season.

assorted pepper Bush Beefsteak, Bush Early Girl or Early Girl, Sugar Baby tomato’s. Cucumber Space master, Bush Champion or Bush Pickle. Yellow goose neck and zucchini squash will fit my needs well, however what I actually plant will be determined by nursery stock available.

Peppers are always an unknown. I never know what varieties will be available at my local nursery from year to year. Sweet bell types (green, red and yellow skin) and Jalapeno is always available, but, with all the new Jalapeno varieties being introduced from almost sweet types(little heat) to extra hot types (almost to hot for human consumption) it is difficult to decide what variety is best suited to my taste and growing conditions.

wild morning glory Eeeek ! There’s bindweed (AKA – wild morning glory or tie vine) in my garden. I shot myself in the foot… Last spring (2013) I put a lot of cow pen bedding composted grass hay on my garden. Bad Idea.. I introduced still viable bindweed seed into my garden plot and now I’m using every trick I know to get that damn weed under control. Bindweed is a perennial. It is a noxious weed which is difficult to eradicate because of its extensive and deep root system.

I deep tilled my garden plot several times this winter to expose it’s roots to the cold and dry air to kill as much of it’s root system as I could. Back in late February I applied a pre-emergence that was tilled in and then another treatment that was allowed to remain on top of the soil to prevent any seeds from germinating. I have a 1 gallon hand sprayer filled with generic (roundup)(glyphosate). I spray anything green that dares sticking it’s leafs above ground. Grin .. I’m not a certified organic gardener….
Bindweed must taste bad. Our longhorn cows, horse or donkey won’t eat bindweed unless they are 1/2 starved and can find ‘nothing’ else to eat. I don’t think anything will eat bindweed or rag weed.

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11 responses to “April Rain Showers Bring Bindweed Flowers

  1. ugh, sorry to hear about the bindweed. I saw it last year in the neighbor’s garden and know it’s just a matter of time now until it jumps the fence….


    • Re bittster – Thanks for taking time to visit my little blog and your comment(s)
      Keep a jar of roundup and a small paint brush at the ready and at the first sign of bindweed in your yard or garden, paint some of it’s leaf’s with roundup, keep after it… That weed will take over your yard and garden if it’s allowed to root down and go to seed!
      Happy bindweed free gardening


  2. I’m excited to hear about national nude gardening day. I hope the neighbors don’t mind!


    • Re thanks for visiting my little blog and for your comment(s)
      Weather man said it will be85 degrees and sunny. Big grin …. Thank goodness without binoculars my neighbors can see an old fat man nude in his garden
      Happy sun burn free nude gardening


  3. I have had morning glory growing in my yard for years now. At first I didn’t know what it was, and it had pretty flowers so I let it go. That was a huge mistake, I have been fighting it every year and sad to say I am losing the battle. That is one tough weed. Guess I should just stick to growing my peppers and call in a professional to help me get rid of it.


  4. I had that stuff in my garden years ago. Came with the horse manure. How did I get rid of it? I moved to a new house and garden.


  5. Bindweed flowers are pretty though! I suffer with it too…


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