Leading UK Scientist Said – Stop Trying To Save The Planet

Source James Lovelock said give up trying to save the world from climate change

Before you beat me up this is a fun posting with opinion(s) from ‘Me’ and UK Scientist James Lovelock.

James-Lovelock UK scientist and inventor James Lovelock claims we should stop trying to save the planet from global warming and retreat to climate controlled cities. Saving the planet from climate change is ‘beyond our ability’ and we should stop wasting time trying to tackle global warming.

James Lovelock, who first detected CFCs in the atmosphere and proposed the Gaia hypotheses, said “society should retreat to ‘climate-controlled cities’ and give up on large expanses of land which will become uninhabitable.”
I don’t think it’s time to through in the towel just yet.

“Britain is no longer a world power and we need to leave such schemes to the USA, Japan or China. We should spend out efforts adapting Britain to fight climate change.” James said that ‘Not Me!

“We may have wasted valuable time, energy and resources by trying to grapple with climate change on a global scale.

“It sounds good to try to save the planet, but in reality we are not thinking of saving Gaia, we are thinking of saving Earth for us, or for our nation. The idea of ‘saving the planet’ is a foolish extravagance of romantic Northern ideologues and probably much beyond our ability.”

“In a changing climate cities are most less vulnerable to external heat than our individuals. If most of us lived in cities, as it seems we soon will do, the regulation of the climate of these cities might be far easier, more economic and safer option in a hot climate than the regulation by geoengineering of the whole planet.”

Big Smile In my humble opinion James is spending far to much time in his favorite Pub debating climate change with his bartender and not enough time in his lab doing ‘real’ climate research.

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9 responses to “Leading UK Scientist Said – Stop Trying To Save The Planet

  1. Your replies above touch several issues about climate and population that I agree with. Unfortunately, self-inflicted situations usually occur when someone is unaware of how he or she makes decisions (e.g. how many children to have and where to house them). Other images that came to mind:

    Climate Controlled Cities: the “city planet” in Episodes I, II, II of the Star Wars movies. A whole planet with nothing but buildings. Where did they get their energy sources, food and water?

    Britain struggling through WWI & WWII, trapped on an island with a neglected agricultural system to feed the population during submarine blockades. England imported most of it food at the time. The open-spaces and farms we see today are a result of that lesson learned.

    Increased carbon in the atmospher is fueling the re-growth of temperate climate forests in the eastern regions (aka where I live) of the USA. We have more forests (and deer) now than when Jamestown Settlement was chartered. Ironic, for the growth our our cities and suburban centers. Those trees thrive by turing CO2 back to oxygen through photosynthesis.

    Our cabin sits at 2000 ft. Will it become beach-front property some day?
    Oscar 😉


    • Re hermitsdoor Thanks for your comment(s)
      At 2,000 feet, if you come to have water front property, 🙂 sell to a New York Lawyer or doctor at an unbelievable profit and move to higher ground….

      Happy summer gardening


  2. Will you be doing the nude gardening then!

    Re climate change, I very much doubt that even major players can prevent the increasing damage. But that’s no reason for profligate waste.

    I’m in Japan at the moment, which required the use of some aviation fuel – not good from a sustainability point of view. I do however have a life to lead, as do we all, so I think it’s a case of changing what we easily can and finding ways of coping with our changing world 🙂


    • Re silverbells2012 Nude gardening day! I haven’t decided what to do. I have 2 nursing cows that can see me in my tiny garden, I’m concerned that if they see me nude in my tiny garden it will turn their milk sour. 🙂

      I don’t allow these so called weather science experts effect my thoughts or my daily activities very much.
      Do you remember in the 70’s then weather scientist were predicting a soon to come mini-ice age?
      Some scientist even suggested that we should to drop coal dust from aircraft to cover the snow at the north and south poles to collect more of the suns heat??

      Happy summer gardening


      • I’m sure the cows would love it 🙂

        Re climate change – I feel sorry say for those in Bangladesh who are losing their homes due to sea rises and don’t want to contribute to such misery. At the same time, it seems pointless to lead a miserable life myself when everyone else is partying regardless. And relatively speaking my carbon footprint is quite low.

        In any case I am glad the mini ice age didn’t happen. I rather like mild weather.


        • I don’t want to sound uncaring, but, much of the suffering is a self inflected wound. With the world population slated to hit 9 billion in the near term. We are simply running out of living space and people are building and trying to live in what has been known for centuries to be flood prone zones. If you build at the waters edge, sooner or later your going to get your feet wet.
          Grin … stay high and dry!


  3. It’s a ‘wicked problem’—climate change, as in, it is very complex. It’s a big part of my studies at the moment which I have been running a separate blog on. If you are interested, you can have a look at it here: http://cow2014.wordpress.com


    • Re sourcesuburban – Thanks for you visit and your comment(s)
      Weather is always the main topic of discussion in farm / ranch country. In the last 60+ years, and 60 years isn’t even a blink in the scale of time, I have saw dry times, wet times, hot times and even cold/cool times.

      I think that ‘man’ tends to over rate his ability to have a long lasting effect on our long term weather.
      Is our weather warming, I should hope so. As it has been for the last 20,000 years.
      Without a world wide warming trend, most of Europe, Asia, and North America would still be on the bottom side of a great sheet of ice!
      This posting is not to spark a weather debate, It’s just a fun posting.
      Happy summer gardening


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