Tooting My Own Horn

This is a long list you can click away if or when you get bored. 🙂
It has been said that sometimes you must toot your own horn because few others will.
So, in the past 90 days I have had visitors from many different countries.
For that I am Thankful.
But sometimes a I’m a bit disappointed that many of my visitors do not leave a short comment telling me a little about themselves, their village/town and the country where they live and garden.

In any case, I wish to thank each and every blogger and visitor that has taken time to visit my Tiny Humble Blog.

    Thank You

United States 36,152
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 2,543
Canada FlagCanada 1,949
Australia FlagAustralia 1,904
India FlagIndia 456
Philippines FlagPhilippines 427
South Africa FlagSouth Africa 373
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 323
Germany FlagGermany 319
France FlagFrance 250
Sweden FlagSweden 223
Ireland FlagIreland 222
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 163
Norway FlagNorway 163
Mexico FlagMexico 147
Malaysia FlagMalaysia 145
Pakistan FlagPakistan 128
Thailand FlagThailand 118
Romania FlagRomania 111
Italy FlagItaly 106
Spain FlagSpain 98
Kenya FlagKenya 94
Belgium FlagBelgium 90
Greece FlagGreece 87
Singapore FlagSingapore 84
Indonesia FlagIndonesia 83
Denmark FlagDenmark 83
Turkey FlagTurkey 83
Poland FlagPoland 80
Brazil FlagBrazil 71
Lithuania FlagLithuania 69
Finland FlagFinland 58
Korea, Republic of FlagRepublic of Korea 56
Portugal FlagPortugal 50
Jamaica FlagJamaica 50
Bulgaria FlagBulgaria 49
Nigeria FlagNigeria 44
United Arab Emirates FlagUnited Arab Emirates 44
Saudi Arabia FlagSaudi Arabia 43
Malta FlagMalta 43
Japan FlagJapan 43
Argentina FlagArgentina 42
Hungary FlagHungary 42
Russian Federation FlagRussian Federation 41
Czech Republic FlagCzech Republic 41
Serbia FlagSerbia 41
Latvia FlagLatvia 39
Croatia FlagCroatia 38
Austria FlagAustria 38
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland 36
Slovakia FlagSlovakia 35
Bahamas FlagBahamas 34
Tanzania, United Republic of FlagUnited Republic of Tanzania 33
Puerto Rico FlagPuerto Rico 32
Ukraine FlagUkraine 31
Estonia FlagEstonia 31
Israel FlagIsrael 31
Cyprus FlagCyprus 28
Qatar FlagQatar 26
Trinidad and Tobago FlagTrinidad and Tobago 26
Bangladesh FlagBangladesh 25
Egypt FlagEgypt 24
Slovenia FlagSlovenia 22
Uganda FlagUganda 22
Sri Lanka FlagSri Lanka 21
Viet Nam FlagViet Nam 20
Barbados FlagBarbados 20
Chile FlagChile 18
Costa Rica FlagCosta Rica 18
Namibia FlagNamibia 17
Lebanon FlagLebanon 16
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of FlagMacedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic 15
Hong Kong FlagHong Kong 15
Venezuela FlagVenezuela 15
Botswana FlagBotswana 14
Ghana FlagGhana 14
Colombia FlagColombia 14
Kuwait FlagKuwait 14
Ecuador FlagEcuador 14
Guatemala FlagGuatemala 14
Zimbabwe FlagZimbabwe 14
Tunisia FlagTunisia 14
Bosnia and Herzegovina FlagBosnia and Herzegovina 12
Jordan FlagJordan 12
Algeria FlagAlgeria 11
Taiwan FlagTaiwan 10
Guyana FlagGuyana 9
Bahrain FlagBahrain 9
Mauritius FlagMauritius 9
Morocco FlagMorocco 8
Cambodia FlagCambodia 8
Saint Lucia FlagSaint Lucia 8
Peru FlagPeru 8
Libya FlagLibya 8
Belize FlagBelize 8
Brunei Darussalam FlagBrunei Darussalam 8
Dominican Republic FlagDominican Republic 7
Guam FlagGuam 7
Iraq FlagIraq 7
Georgia FlagGeorgia 7
Papua New Guinea FlagPapua New Guinea 7
Niger FlagNiger 6
Guinea FlagGuinea 6
Belarus FlagBelarus 6
Nepal FlagNepal 6
Martinique FlagMartinique 6
Syrian Arab Republic FlagSyrian Arab Republic 5
Zambia FlagZambia 5
Oman FlagOman 5
Angola FlagAngola 5
Iceland FlagIceland 5
Kazakhstan FlagKazakhstan 5
Ethiopia FlagEthiopia 5
Réunion FlagRéunion 5
Albania FlagAlbania 5
Mongolia FlagMongolia 4
Malawi FlagMalawi 4
Afghanistan FlagAfghanistan 4
El Salvador FlagEl Salvador 4
Jersey FlagJersey 4
Guadeloupe FlagGuadeloupe 3
Bermuda FlagBermuda 3
Myanmar FlagMyanmar 3
Mali FlagMali 3
Rwanda FlagRwanda 3
Lesotho FlagLesotho 3
Cayman Islands FlagCayman Islands 3
Guernsey FlagGuernsey 3
Côte d’Ivoire FlagCôte d’Ivoire 3
Fiji FlagFiji 3
Macao FlagMacao 3
Maldives FlagMaldives 3
Grenada FlagGrenada 3
Yemen FlagYemen 2
Uruguay FlagUruguay 2
Antigua and Barbuda FlagAntigua and Barbuda 2
Sao Tome and Principe FlagSao Tome and Principe 2
Swaziland FlagSwaziland 2
Palestinian Territory, Occupied FlagPalestine, State of 2
Gambia FlagGambia 2
Panama FlagPanama 2
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines FlagSaint Vincent and the Grenadines 2
Djibouti FlagDjibouti 2
Moldova, Republic of FlagMoldova 2
Virgin Islands, U.S. FlagVirgin Islands 2
Dominica FlagDominica 2
Luxembourg FlagLuxembourg 2
Sudan FlagSudan 2
Liberia FlagLiberia 1
Azerbaijan FlagAzerbaijan 1
Madagascar FlagMadagascar 1
Falkland Islands (Malvinas) FlagFalkland Islands (Malvinas) 1
Haiti FlagHaiti 1
Mozambique FlagMozambique 1
Paraguay FlagParaguay 1
Togo FlagTogo 1
Cape Verde FlagCape Verde 1
Montenegro FlagMontenegro 1
China FlagChina 1
Seychelles FlagSeychelles 1
Suriname FlagSuriname 1
Bolivia FlagBolivia 1
Isle of Man FlagIsle of Man 1
Kyrgyzstan FlagKyrgyzstan 1
Senegal FlagSenegal 1

Not from the USA Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

Why is common sense so uncommon?
Don’t be Shy. Leave me your Comment(s)


19 responses to “Tooting My Own Horn

  1. I would toot away with those stats of yours! We love your blog!


  2. wow that is a lot of visitors


  3. OK…36,152. Live in Jacksonville, FL on a piece of 2.5 acres that my great great Aunt bought. Passed to my Mammaw and then passed to me. Live in the tiny house that my Pappaw built in 1954 and I do mean tiny, 700 sq ft. I love it and I can’t see myself living anywhere else. Remember many days playing in the yard and climbing the huge camphor tree that still stands in the yard. Afraid of that tree now. you know I could fall out of it and break something…like a hip lol Still love to sit under that tree in the summer. I will get around to writing a blog about family, that house, tree and the garden. You keep up the good work and keep on writing. Your my favorite blog. 🙂

    btw….if your not from the south and reading this comment…mammaw and pappaw are grandmother and grandfather. 🙂


    • Re ohineedwax – Thanks for your visit and your very kind comment(s).
      Born and raised on a dry-land wheat / cotton farm east of Lubbock, Texas.
      Now live on a dry-land tiny farm with a tiny house and tiny garden in Southwest Oklahoma.
      Big Smile … mammaw and pappaw are not new words to me.
      Happy gardening


  4. Aww come on, really? Its the profile pic!


  5. I’m happy to be one of the 13, 152 and you SHOULD be very proud. When you do a great job – it shows.:cool:


    • Re gpcox Thanks for your kind comment9s)
      A book author gets reader feed back by the number of books sold. A blogger gets no such feed back. Our (My) only feed back comes in the way of comments.


  6. I loved your posts on water conservation, I’ve filed them away to read when I need reminding, which we frequently do here on the frequently dry continent of Australia, thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas, keep ’em coming!


    • Re debhuntinbrokenhill Thanks for making / taking time to visit my little blog and for your comment(s)
      I often forget that when I’m talking spring gardening that in Australia your gardening is coming to an end as you enter Fall and winter approaches
      Happy fall season gardening


  7. so cool, and congrats. it is really interesting to see how far our words reach. i’m a trial and error gardener sort and kindergarten teacher from michigan – love it here and enjoy reading your blog. ) best, beth


    • Re ksbeth 🙂 Thanks for taking time to visit my little blog and your comment(s)
      wow I could never deal with a room full if kindergarten age kids!
      Happy gardening


  8. Mr Popular! Bit jealous 😛


    • Re sourcesuburban Thank you for your visit and your comment(s)
      There’s no need to be jealous and Please Don’t Be.
      This has been a very near a 5 year project (First posting June 2009). It’s something I enjoy doing and with a bit of luck I may even post something useful from time to time 🙂
      Happy Productive Summer gardening


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