April Rain(s) Maybe!

garden-tools2 It’s will soon be April. One of the best gardening months of the entire year. This is an
ideal month to plant fruit, flowering and shade trees, dormant oil spray your fruit and nut trees, prune and eliminate weeds.
This is also a great time to sharpen and repair mowers, trimmers, shredders, chain saws and other garden tools.

PLANTING TREES AND SHRUBS – If you are thinking of adding any fruit, flowering or shade trees to the garden, this would be a good time to select and plant them. Most garden outlets get their new selection of these trees during the late winter and early spring. Shop now so you get the pick of the crop. Plus, because the trees are dormant, they transplant with a minimum amount of set-back. Incidentally, if you are selecting fruit trees be sure to ask the Certified Nursery person or Master Gardener on duty, which of the varieties are recommended for your area, so you get varieties that will produce the very best, quality fruit and nut crops.

April is also a great month to select and plant Roses. Likewise, evergreens and deciduous shrubs can easily be planted anytime the temperatures are above freezing and you can work unfrozen soils.

DORMANT SPRAYING – Winter and early spring is a good time to make an application of Dormant spray to help control over wintering insect and disease problems.
A combination Lime Sulfur and Oil spray or Copper spray are the ones most often used for winter dormant spraying. Do not spray when the temperatures are below freezing or when it is raining or at a time when the wind is blowing. Of course, apply the spray according to label directions.

PRUNING – Do you have any pruning that still needs doing? April is a great month to prune (and about your last chance) most deciduous trees and shrubs. Fruit, nut, flowering and shade trees can be pruned at this time. Do not prune spring flowering plants, like quince, forsythia or Spirea, etc. as you would be removing their spring flowers. If needed, these plants can be pruned when the plants have finished flowering.

WEEDS – Have you checked the garden recently? You’ll be amazed at how many weeds have already flowered and are now going to seed. Get rid of those weeds before the seeds have scattered over the garden. Many weeds are capable of producing thousands of seeds, and left unchecked, you’ll be fighting those weeds for years to come.

EQUIPMENT REPAIR – Does your mower cutting blade(s) need sharpening. Does the oil need changing? What about installing new filters? Is the engine running properly? If you need to have any parts of your power garden implements repaired, this is
the time to do those repairs. Sharpen cutting tools, pruners,hedge trimmers, hoe’s and shovels.

SLUG CONTROL – Have you seen any slugs lately? This is a good time to eliminate Slugs. Every slug left to roam the garden will reproduce two hundred or more cute tiny slugs this spring, summer and fall. In addition, the offspring will also reproduce young. So you can make a major reduction in the slug population in your garden by eliminating them now.

Just For The Fun Of It

Berry or fresh fruit Cordial

This old fashioned recipe is a favorite during cold and flu season, it is also most enjoyable served ice cold on those long hot summer days. But can be enjoyed anytime, any season, day or night.

1 tablespoon whole allspice
1 tablespoon cloves
1 piece stick cinnamon (crushed)
8 quarts of berries or very ripe fruit of your choice.
2 quarts cold water
4 pounds granulated sugar (I never said it was a diet drink)
2 quarts whiskey, brandy or vodka. Needs to be at least 40 percent or 80 proof.

Tie spices in a cloth bag. Cheese cloth works well.
Pick over and wash berries or fresh fruit.
Place in large pot or stainless steel pot, don’t use an aluminum pot, cover with water, and boil until thoroughly soft. Mash / crush berries or fruit.
Strain and measure. To each quart of juice add 2 cups sugar. Add spice bag and slow boil 20 minutes. Let cool, and measure again.
To each quart of syrup, add 1 pint of whiskey, brandy or vodka (it’s your choice).
Bottle in glass bottle(s) and cork or cap tightly. Empty sterilized whiskey or vodka bottles work well.
Will keep for months and improves with age. Store in a cool dark place.
Remedies: Does not cure Colds, Cough, Culinary or Flu but you will feel much improved.
I think I feel a bad cold coming on!

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11 responses to “April Rain(s) Maybe!

  1. I hope you get the rain but not the cold. April is such an important month for gardening, I agree.


  2. Reblogged this on Rain and Roses and commented:
    Love the cordial recipe. I need to use frozen fruit up here in BC though!


  3. Reblogged this on This Got My Attention and commented:
    I’d dearly love to get out in the garden if the soil would just start to thaw. One story I read a month ago had a water utility guy saying that we had frost down to 52 inches.


    • Re Mike thanks for taking time to visit my humble little blog and for your comment(s)
      Eeeeek …. 4 1/2 of frost, wow, that will take a while to thaw out.
      Happy gardening


  4. I been having a pollen cold – so many flowers, my nose feels like a moose’s nose. Sometimes I touch it with my hands and it doesn’t even feel like my nose. Here’s my recipe – smash a clove of garlic in a tea cup, put in quarter to half cup of lemon juice, a whollop (bigger than a dollop) of honey, and fill the rest of the cup with hot water. Drink this as hot as possible. Of course you can adjust amounts to your taste. Vodka is very nice. Everybody wants more honey!

    The berries are coming in soon around here, I will have to try your tonic. Thanks pobept!


  5. Slug control? I hear a saucer if beer is a good ‘cure’!


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