Spring Projects

Though of the day

Though of the day

Finish the garden clean up project that you planed to do last September.
Chop, hoe, rake and compost all the old garden plants from last years garden. Clean your shovels, garden digging forks. Service your gas powered rotor-tiller and weed-eater(string trimmer). Remove and sharpen tiller tines ‘if needed’. Apply a heavy layer of compost to your garden plot. Spread/apply a good all purpose 10-10-10 or 13-13-13 fertilizer and dig/till into your garden soil.

Search store seed racks for those hard to find and popular vegetable seeds before they are sold out!

Now is a great time to get those new pullet chicks, ducklings, goslings and turkey chicks while you have a good selection to choose from.
Hint Blackhead is a single celled organism(Histomonas meleagridis), and has the potential to damage the liver of turkeys and gamebirds. The cecal worms, a common parasite found in chickens, acts as an intermediate host for the Blackhead organism. Raising chickens away from turkeys and game birds is a good preventative measure in controlling Blackhead Disease.

You should consider buying and planting your new Rose bushes very soon as well as any ‘new’ fruit trees or berry vines.

It is or soon will be time to apply insect and fungus sprays on fruit bearing trees.

Its never to soon to plan for insect and fungal disease control in fruit and berry orchards. This includes your grape vines.

freedom-flag Don’t forget to proudly display your American Flag on May 5, 2014 National Freedom Day

Not from the USA Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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