Weekend Suprise – 6 Free Chickens

Wow, it just doesn’t get much better than this.
A local Farm and Ranch store had a ‘Special sale’ on their straight run chicks.
Here’s how it worked.
Buy 6 chicks at their weekend sale price(regularly $2.29 each) sale price $1.99 each a total of $11.94 for 6 chicks.
Apply your on-line rebate $1.99 each for 6 chicks ($11.94).
Total cost of my 6 new chicks calculated using my free, handy dandy windows 7 calculator is $0.00 US dollars.
With a bit of luck I will get 2 or 3 pullets and 3 or 4 (roosters)table birds for a sum total of 0 (zero) dollars.

It’s just another 8 day’s to the end of the winter/spring rabbit hunting season. So me and my 2 grand sons have been on a great Oklahoma safari hunt for the past few day’s.
Big Grin … I don’t see as well as I once did. They (my grand sons) are hunting using 22 caliber rifles and (short) ammunition. I on the other hand am using my old trusty, well used, 12 gauge (pump) shotgun with #2 high brass (3 inch) goose shot shells.

Between the 3 of us we have put about 13 or 14 wild (about 15 pounds of table meat) rabbits in the deep freezer.
At supermarket price for rabbit meat that’s about $100.00 or $125.00 dollars of fresh rabbit meat.

Spring garden is nearing the time to plant.
Ronny (son-n-law) sprayed my garden about 3 weeks past with a big dose of per-emergent to prevent weed seeds from germinating. In about 10 or 15 day’s I will till(plow) my garden one more time then start planting a few potted tomato’s, summer squash, and cucumbers in my garden. I will also plant a few sunflowers morning glory and hollyhocks from seed in my tiny flowed bed.

I have all the parts to make two(2) 25 foot long drip lines that I will use to water my little tomato, squash and cucumber patch. I may be forced to buy another 50 or 100 foot roll of 1/2 inch drip line if I plant more than I have plans for now. But the truth is 1/2 inch black poly pipe doesn’t cost much per foot.

I’m getting low on sausage, so it’s time to book an appointment and send Ms. Piggy off to the butcher for a lot(I hope) sausage, bacon, ham and pork chops. She’s a blue butt, but has not put on the weight that she should have, bad breeding I’m sure.
I going back to Yorkshires or Chester Whites. I have had very good success growing Chester Whites in the past.

Sad Smile, I can’t believe I’m putting this on my blog, but, it’s so stressful! Last night I broke my toilet seat hinge.

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9 responses to “Weekend Suprise – 6 Free Chickens

  1. Yolanda Presant

    Thanks for the like! I lived in Saskatchewan for awhile. Ground like rock and that incessant wind! Funny you miss it when you go! You are certainly a fountain of information!


  2. Zero dollars is always good. My laying hens and rooster were all given to me when they were chicks. Now it is time to get some new ones to lay next winter. I am on the look out for good deals as well. What I am really hoping is one of these hens will get broody and raise some for me – that’s the easy/lazy way out.


    • Re lindalh – Keep your eyes open and look for 1 or 2 cheap or free Bantam hens. They are good layers of small eggs and ‘most’ will easily go broody and hatch about 6 regular size eggs 2 times a year.
      Happy Gardening


  3. Sounds like you’ve got a lot of good things going on! Pity about the toilet seat hinge….

    Great bargain with the chickens 🙂


  4. I had the oppurtunity to taste rabbit meat while on a trip to Italy many years ago, cooked by a friend’s mum. That was such a novelty. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen rabbit meat in a supermarket here in my country Singapore, whether fresh or frozen. We are a tiny island with no space for agriculture, and we get our meat supply from various countries including Australia.


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