Spring Time Is The Perfect Time For New Chicks And Ducklings

little-coop Source Faith, Hope and Love’s Official Blog This photograph is from The Food Sustainability Project.
It’s a neat, functional small chicken coop worth your consideration.
Notice that the floor framing is a old pallet that means that it will be fairly easy to construct and to move around the yard if and when you need to do so.

Peking-Duck In a few day’s maybe this weekend when I’m in town I will go by Atwoods(a local farm and ranch store) and pick up 3 or 4 (sexed) heavy breed pullets and maybe 2 or 3 (all white) Peking ducklings. Ducks are quiet birds, easy to manage and will eat any and all insects that they can catch. Beside that they are great fun to watch!
I hope to get at least 1 duck hen. They don’t have sexed ducklings.

Duck eggs are about the size of extra large chicken eggs and are great for use in breads, including corn bread, scrambled and in omelets. FYI they taste like any other egg.

I have dug my brooder out of my storage shed. Check to be sure the heat lamp are working. I have washed / sterilized water containers and chick feeders. I think I’m now ready for my new chick when they arrive.

FYI It takes 24 to 26 weeks for chicken pullets and duck hens to mature and start laying fresh backyard eggs.

Most of the so called heavy breeds are a good choice for meat and eggs production. In general heavy breeds are brown egg layers.
For good layers of white eggs look for white leghorn chicks. They are the breed used mostly by commercial egg producers.
Bantams are miniatures of the chicken world. They are calm, quite and easy to manage and being only 1/3 or less the size of standard breeds require less space and feed.
All are good layers of smallish eggs and most are good setters and mothers.

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6 responses to “Spring Time Is The Perfect Time For New Chicks And Ducklings

  1. I was talking to my father-in-law on the phone last night, his main phone line is in the barn, and one of his donkeys was going into labor – wow, talk about pitching a ki-yi! I don’t know what she had, but I’m guessing G-pa was up all night! He’s a regular OB-GYN.

    Scuse me, I’ve got to go throw something at my neighbor’s rooster.


    • Re Juanita Sumner Thanks for taking time to visit my tiny blog. Donkeys seldom have birthing problems, but, sometimes problems do develop. It’s wise to keep a close watch on her birthing progress.
      Have a great crowing growing summer garden


  2. Hi, I enjoyed reading your post today. I am planning to get some baby chicks soon. I was supposed to get some Barred Rock chicks last weekend but decided to wait for Araucanas. I’ll be getting them on Monday from a local feed & supply store in my area. I’ve never raised a set of baby chicks all on my own so I’m quite excited.:)


    • Re forestmtnhike Thanks for visiting my little blog and your comment(s)
      Keep your chicks warm, dry well watered and fed and all will turn out fine.
      Hint: Check their little butts daily for crusting, wash with warm water if need.
      Happy Chicken be to you


  3. We have freedom ranger broilers going here now. They are doing amazing. Have you ever seen them? We have red freedom rangers now, but plan to try the black ones next. They gained a pound in 3 weeks on local non gmo feed. Our next batch arrives in early April. We plan to do about 25 a month until late summer if all goes well.


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