GMO Salmon – Will You Eat This – Eel / Salmon GMO Fish ?

gmo-salmon Consumer Warning The FDA has said it likely will not require that GMO fish be labeled, so if retailers carry it, consumers may not know the difference.

The technology to build a ‘better’ salmon has been around since 1989. Essentially, AquaBounty took an Atlantic salmon and added a growth gene from the Chinook salmon and a promoter gene from the ocean pout (an eel like species) to create AquAdvantage salmon.

FDA’s preliminary finding that an approval of AquaBounty’s application “would not have a significant impact (FONSI) on the U.S. environment,” many believe an approval is pending. But even if approved, it may take some time before GMO (genetically modified organism) salmon is available in stores, due to the growth of the fish and other commercial issues.

FDA has remained mum on the subject, environmental groups have been ramping up lobbying efforts to keep stores from stocking it if it is approved. More than 60 retailers have stated they won’t carry the product, totaling more than 9,000 stores nationwide.

frankenfish Already on the anti-GMO salmon bandwagon are Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Safeway, Kroger and Target, among others. Other chains stores remain silent. Wal-mart, for example, said it had “nothing to add at this time” when contacted for comment.

UK scientists call for new GM/GMO trials

report on genetically modified (GM) crops, commissioned by the prime minister, calls for more UK field trials and fewer EU restrictions.

GM crops should be assessed individually – like pharmaceuticals – taking potential benefits into account.

The UK is a world leader in plant biotechnology research, but GM field trial applications have fallen from 37 in 1995 to just one in 2012. The controversy over genetically modifying plants is riddled with contradictions.

Europe grows very few GM plants but most of its imported animal feed is genetically modified.

While Britain’s leading plant scientists appeal to the prime minister to help foster this new technology, its leading supermarket chains avoid stocking GM products because no-one is asking for them.

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has spoken in favour of increasing UK research into GM, which he said offers the “most wonderful opportunities to improve human health.”

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12 responses to “GMO Salmon – Will You Eat This – Eel / Salmon GMO Fish ?

  1. Wow. They continue to go further and further down the hole of GMOs. I don’t eat salmon, but my wife does, and we always buy the wild caught kind, but it won’t be too long after the release of the GMO salmon before the wild supply is contaminated with GM genes.


    • Re laughingbirdfarm – AquaBounty claims that their GMO Salmon will be unable to breed with each other or wild salmon, but it only takes one screw-up to have GMO salmon enter the wild populations.
      Happy gardening


  2. omg that is awful, thanks for letting us know


    • Re thatoldschoolgirlagain Your welcome. I don’t trust any of the company’s that are in the GMO business to be truthful with consumers
      Happy gardening


  3. Reblogged this on Oldschool's Notebook and commented:
    this is scary


  4. Just one more reason to raise my own food. And I agree! Our food should be labeled properly so as the consumer I can decide whether or not I want to partake in GMO food products. Buyer beware!!


    • Re debweeks Thanks for your comment(s).
      Consumers must demand that FDA require ‘ALL’ GMO’s be labeled so consumers can make the choice to buy or not to buy GM products.


  5. Farmed salmon is already on my blacklist. How can they do this to a beautiful wild fish? And now they’re making monsters of them. What next? I’ll stick to wild salmon and pray the salmon farms aren’t allowed to pursue this GMO thing. Farm salmon escape all the time so it is making a real mess of our natural stocks already.


    • Re wordsfromanneli – I’m afraid that it’s to late to stop GMO research and production of GMO’s.
      Consumers must Demand that ‘All’ GM products be labeled as a GM product allowing consumers to decide if they want to buy a GM product or not to buy.


  6. A & C look like that monster from the movie Alien. But B looks similar. I’ll pass on salmon.


    • Re cmmarcum – thanks for taking time to visit my humble blog and for your comment(s).
      As for me, I demand that ‘ALL’ GMO’s be clearly labeled as GMO. Allow the consumer decide to buy or not buy GMO products.

      Happy non-gmo summer gardening


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