Thunder Snow — Smoked Computers and Onions

computer It’s been a while but my new computer has been installed and I have ‘finely’ recovered my blog password.

Where do I start this nightmare story? Well let me start with a thunder snow storm last Sunday/Monday. Lots of thunder, lighting with light snow and a light freezing mist. Just enough mist/freezing fog to make the roads a real driving hazard.
I took a lighting hit somewhere near my tiny home on a power line. It took out my computer. Totally smoked and fried. It also got my amateur radio power supply and my microwave.

I had a spare radio power supply and microwave in my storage shed, but the computer is a whole different story. I ordered a computer (on-line) from (enter store name here) Mart. It took almost a full 8 day to be shipped in to me.
I’m now in full recovery mode. Attempting to recover my ‘Many’ different passwords and user names. I have recovered most of them. I still can’t login to my electric service account. Now that my email server is working I need to answer/respond to some 325 or so blog emails and blog comments. ( I’m getting more everyday.)

I want to thank my blog visitors for all of your mail and comments. Be assured that I am in the process of reading each and every mail and comment I have received during the time I could not login to my mail server or blog.

spring onions Bucket of dirt to the rescue. I had about 160 onion sets needing planted but the snow storm interfered with my well laid out gardening plans. So, I used a hand truck(dolly) to move a large porch container into the middle of my tiny living room.
After the soil warmed over night and was no longer frozen, I planted about 120 red onion sets very close together and will harvest them while young and tender to be used mostly in salads and ‘big grin’ onion sandwiches and onion filled flour taco’s.
FYI it has been about 9 days and I have a very nice crop of onions, many of them are near 3 inches tall now. They really do grow fast with good soil moisture, a little bit of 13-13-13 fertilizer and a warming soil temperature.

If anyone cares my hens have started laying again. I have 3 hens and I’m getting about 3 ‘Large’ brown eggs everyday. Way more eggs than this old man can eat. Currently I’m getting 18 to 20 eggs a week. This weeks lesson is “be careful what you wish for. You may just get it.”

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18 responses to “Thunder Snow — Smoked Computers and Onions

  1. I realize I’m more of a reader than a comment-er, but I know we have ALL had our share of computer problems! Not to worry, your readers will be here for you.


    • Re gpcox Thanks for taking time to visit my humble little blog and for your comment(s).
      I shouldn’t whine so much over the loss of my computer. I think I got that one in 2002 and it has been running mostly 24/7 since the first day I took it out of the shipping box.
      Happy productive gardening


  2. I’m sure your neighbors will enjoy some eggs.


    • Re thefolia – Families don’t eat as many eggs today as we did when I was young, living on a dry-land farm. I could and often did eat a dozen eggs a week by myself.
      Happy gardening


  3. Living off the grid! Kind of..welcome back


    • Re SwittersB – Hehehe …. I’m really not off the grid, but, I do have a small portable generator with a good deal of gasoline stockpiled along with 2 small solar panels to keep a bank of batteries charged that I use to power my Amateur (Ham) Radios during an emergency.
      Smile only 1 week until spring arrives
      Happy garden planting


  4. Glad to see you back online – what a nightmare! Great your onions are doing so well – I wish mine were ๐Ÿ˜‰


  5. I for one am glad that you are back. I wondered what was going on because you weren’t writing. I have only been following you a short time but you always write every day. I have come to look forward to your new subjects and comments everyday.


  6. Glad you’re back. We go through similar wipeouts once in a while with our wind and rainstorms, where trees take out powerlines and sometimes fry the computer. I usually pull the plug from the wall when I think we may lose the power, but sometimes it can sneak up on you.


    • Re wordsfromanneli It has been a real nightmare recovering user names and passwords to all the different places I have accounts that require a password to log-in.
      It’ only 7 more days until spring arrives
      Happy spring gardening


      • So now you’ve learned your lesson and you have everything written down somewhere in a secret place, right? Just have to remember where the secret place is. ๐Ÿ˜‰
        Yes, can’t wait for spring.


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