Proud To Be An American Day – May 5th 2014

American Stand Up And Be Seen! Be Heard, Be A Proud American

Born and Hope to Die a Free American

Now is the time for every American to stand up, Defend your Freedoms.
Defend Your Freedom of Assembly, Defend Your Freedom of Speech.

I Hereby Declare May 5th 2014 as American’s National Freedom Day.

Defend Your Freedoms from Criminal Illegal Aliens, Criminal Illegal Immigrants, Criminal Undocumented Immigrants, Socialist and Communist Agenda Government Bureaucrats, Anti-American School Teachers and School Administrators, Courts and Anti-American Federal Judges.

Proudly Display Your Flag, The American Flag, at your home, your business, Your Child’s School.

On may 5th 2014, wear red, white and blue clothing. American Flag T-shirts, American Flag lapel pins, at work and in American Schools. Display the American flag, Your Flag at home, on your desk, in your work space.

Pass this message on to every American you know.

Invite All Americans you know to celebrate National Freedom Day with you and your family.


Not from the USA Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

Please Share By Re-blogging, Twitter or Email To A Friend.

Why is common sense so uncommon?
Don’t be Shy. Leave me your comment(s)

34 responses to “Proud To Be An American Day – May 5th 2014

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  32. Cinco de Mayo sounds like more fun.


  33. “Why is common sense so uncommon?” I love it!!:)


  34. I think from an ex-us perspective the only comment I can come up with is – wow….


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