Garden Preprations – Spring And Fall 2014


1 row horse drawn harrow

It’s only 27 days to the offical first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere. My readers and visitors from the southern hemisphere (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa) and such far away places are preparing for the arrival of Fall and the end of their 2014 gardening season.

North or South, it is nearing the time to put down soil amendments to be tilled into your garden plot. Time to feed your compost pile with used up garden plants and leaf litter.
Old mulch and leaf litter not removed or tilled into your garden soil is the perfect place for insects to hide and wait to attack your new garden seedlings and plants.

Being the frugal kind of guy that I am. I have been searching for oat seed or rye grass seed to over seed out pasture to supplement our grass pasture in feeding our tiny herd of Longhorn cows this spring and summer.
Oats labeled ‘seed'(planting oats) is selling for about $30.00 for a 50 pound bag. That’s just to expensive for grazing oats. As luck will have it I found whole oat seed labeled ‘horse supplement feed’ for $10.00 for 50 pounds. I test germinated this seed and it germinates at 80 percent. So I bet you can guess what seed I’m going to use to drill(over seed) our pastures with.

harrow My winter project to rebuild and adapt 2 old horse drawn 1 row spring tooth harrows into a single 2 row 3 point hitch harrow to be pulled by our tiny JD tractor was tested. Works great, I only need to add a couple of 1/4 inch bolts to it’s depth adjustment linkage and it will be ready to put in the field.

harron on a 3 point hitch Not from the USA Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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9 responses to “Garden Preprations – Spring And Fall 2014

  1. Love the tips! I appreciate the variety of posts on garden prep and seeds and such. I am new on my homesteading adventure, so common sense plain talk is much appreciated. πŸ™‚


    • Re kindredkottage Thanks for taking time to visit my tiny blog and for your comment(s)
      I’m a strong believer in the Kis. Keep it simple.
      I hope you find a few post that are informative or helpful. If you see something you like please pass it on to your friends.
      Happy gardening


  2. ‘nearing’ is the operative word….
    I’m going to remember that trick with oats!


    • Re acairfearann – Thanks for taking time to visit my little blog and for your comment(s)
      Good luck with your oat crop πŸ™‚
      Happy productive summer gardening


  3. Need the snow to melt to find the garden soil! This winter has put us behind on preparation that we usually do in January and February. Let us know how the re-built harrower works.


    • Re hermitsdoor – Hi, I have less than $100.00 invested not πŸ™‚ counting my time and labor in my harrow. I have only made one pass over my tiny garden, but, I think it’s going to work out fine and do what me and son-n-law need it to do.
      Happy I hope {to soon be} warm snow free gardening


  4. Northern or Southern hemisphere it is an exciting time in the garden. I love clearing beds of plants nearing the end of their beauty/productivity and thinking about what to replace them with. I like variety in the flower garden and also enjoy sourcing different plants so that each year the seasons have a new look rather than repeating old tried and true faithfulls. Mind you there’s always a place to spot them around the gardens.


    • Re QueasyPeasy – thanks for taking time to visit my tiny blog and for your comment(s)
      Good for you. I also like to try different plants/flowers around the yard every year.

      Happy gardening


  5. 27 days till spring? But it’s snowing!!!


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