Dangers Of Winter

Winter doesn’t seem to want to turn us loose this year Brutal life threatening cold, snow and ice storms have battered much of the U.S. this winter.

stuck-n-snow In the heart of winter it’s possible your hour long commute can turn into an unexpected adventure, or a ski trip into the mountains can leave you stuck in a snowy ditch miles from help.

Tony Nester said “In most cases you can expect to be there for no more than a few hours, founder of the Ancient Pathways survival school in Flagstaff, Ariz. and author of the e-book A Vehicle Survival Kit You Can Live With.

“Statistically, you’re more likely to encounter small scale episodes where there’s a blizzard, you spin off the road and you’re there for maybe a day or overnight,” Nester said.

In freezing temperatures even a few hours can lead to life threatening hypothermia if you’re not prepared.
State Farm encourages responsible driving every day of the year, and especially during cold weather months when inclement weather is more common.

Nester said “If you make a mistake out in the wild, out in the elements, in the summertime you might have a cool story to tell.” “If you make that mistake in winter you might not have a story at all or you might have one minus a few fingers or toes. There’s not whole lot of forgiveness in the winter.”

The key to dealing with these scenarios, he says, is to be prepared before you leave your house. “Just a few minutes in your driveway can prevent hours or potentially a night of misery on the road.” Check the pressure in your tires, he says, and observe the ‘quarter tank is empty’ rule-meaning you should treat a quarter tank of gas as if it were an empty tank.

Make sure you have everything you need to change a tire a full size spare, a can of Fix-a-Flat, a 12 volt air compressor as well as a cell phone charger and a wool hat and insulated gloves.

Once you’re on the road, says Nester, be aware of what he calls ‘shortcut syndrome. “It’s when you say, ‘I’m just going to take a shortcut. I’ll take some back roads or a secondary highway and it’ll be faster.’ Maybe that road’s even worse than the main road because it’s not being salted and plowed, and it’s more likely you’ll get stuck out there.”

Even if you take every precaution, sometimes the weather can roll in more suddenly than you anticipated-and that’s where the next level of preparedness comes into play.

Your vehicle should be looked upon as a rolling survival kit, It’s a primary shelter system. You can sleep in there, you can melt slow on your engine block and hopefully you’ve got it loaded up with some rations you don’t have to cook” as well as water and other supplies.

If you get stuck, Nester advises running the engine for 20 minutes every hour for heat and cracking the window to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. “Periodically check the exhaust pipe to make sure it is not blocked by snow or ice,” he advised in a recent article.

Thing you may not have considered for you cars survival safety kit
Well stocked First Aid Kit
Water & Enamel/Stainless Steel Cup
Emergency Survival Candle
Emergency Blanket(s)
Spare Winter Clothes
Sleeping Bag or Wool Blanket
Headlamp is as good or better than a flashlight
Collapsible snow shovel

Not from the USA Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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10 responses to “Dangers Of Winter

  1. I usually carry a ice cream pail of salt or kitty litter as well as the shovel. Sometimes you dig down to a solid surface only to find it covered with ice!


  2. This is all par for the course in Canada. It’s the reason I got a cell phone. I’d recommend a real, sturdy, full size shovel though.


  3. Can’t imagine the British are ever going to get to grips with the weather. Still, this winter has been almost frost free (for me anyway).

    We’ve been advised to NOT use winter tyres because they chew up the roads. There is enough trouble with the potholes which keep appearing and taking a year or two to be mended…


    • Re silverbells2012 – Are what they call winter tires(tyres) still the type with steel studs imbedded in the tires? If so I’m sure they must cause a lot of damage when the streets are not snow packed or ice covered.
      Hope the UK soon gets past it’s (sad smile) rainy season.
      Happy spring gardening


  4. Hi there, ok I admit I havent read the post in detail but I do remember a grueling winter in DC – must have been 2002 winter and the snow just wouldnt stop falling and the roads were full of SUVs that despite being big and heavy had misjudged their 4WD strength and been abandoned in the the snow drift, the roads looked post-apocalyptic. And I admit I sniggered a bit because here in Switzerland we put winter tires on our cars, and when snow is anticipated the road clear up system is up to it, gravel is spread as it’s more environmentally friendly than salt and if you don’t have the right tires you generally leave your car in the garage. Which is why when there is light snowfall the planes still land and leave and I’ve never seen an abandoned car. I do realize this is very smug, but as the process steps to avoid getting stuck are dependent on being sensible and having an adequate setup in your community, which admittedly is not the case everywhere, it really wouldn’t be that hard to get things set up properly in states where you can realistically anticipate an issue with snow. I know california has issues with heavy rainfall :). Naturally if you are in a place where you can anticipate getting stuck it makes a LOT of sense to plan ahead. For this situation it might also be worth having some chemical heating pads in your car Pobept Said Caution: This is an advertisement for a business web site: http://www.hisupplier.com/product-89949-heating-pad-hot-pack-heat-pack/ – keeping your core temperature up helps a lot. Do let me know if you are going to block me from you blog for Ex-US smugness? 🙂


    • Re polianthus – Thanks for taking time to visit my humble tiny blog and for your Comment(s)
      Happy safe spring gardening


      • HI Pobebt – wasnt trying to advertise, just picked the first heating pad site I could find, sorry if it came across that way! P:


        • Re polianthus Hi, not a problem, I just try to let my visitors know where a link is leading them, before, they click that link. If I felt it was a problem URL I would have stripped it out of your comment before it was posted.
          Thanks for visiting my site and for your comment(s)
          Happy spring gardening


  5. Great tips! I have the First Aid kit and blanket and water, but not a lot of the other things.
    Will check it out.


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