Jack The Ripper? Common Kitchen, Garden And Field Utility Knifes

Source Old Hickory Kitchen and specialty garden knifes

Old Hickory Kitchen starter set

Old Hickory Kitchen starter set

Old Hickory knife are made with fully heat treated and tempered high carbon, 1095 carbon steel. Fitted with attractive real hardwood handles secured with brass compression rivets. After assembly, these knives go through a sharpening process to guarantee a sharp edge to meet all needs.
Old Hickory has stood the test of time and proved to be the best carbon steel kitchen cutlery sold today.

Old Hickory knifes have stood the test of daily use and time and have been in continual production more than 120 years.
Care for your Old Hickory knife is easy.
Wash and dry well before being put away.
Do not let the high carbon blade or real wood handle to set in water for long periods of time before washing, drying and putting then back in storage.

Old Hickory Cabbage and Hop Knife

Old Hickory Cabbage and Hop Knife

Old Hickory is an excellent everyday knife. They come in many special use designs.

Old Hickory celery knife

Old Hickory celery knife

By today’s standards they are very cost worthy.
My set has been in everyday use for more than 50 years and still serve my daily knife needs.

DisclaimerI purchased a starter kitchen set for my Grand daughter n law and grand son for Christmas and found the Ontario Knife Store products to be reasonable in price and products received were as advertised.
NO, I do not work for or am I affiliated in any way with Old Hickory or the ontario-knife-store. As with any online company check them out ‘Before’ placing an order.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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2 responses to “Jack The Ripper? Common Kitchen, Garden And Field Utility Knifes

  1. Old Hickory knives are primo! I have one that I have carried fishing, hunting, woods-bumming since I was a kid. Only one I’ve ever seen that came with a sheath. We have a couple we use in the kitchen as well. Easy to sharpen, hold an edge well. Another brand to consider is R. Murphy…carbon steel, American made, inexpensive. I have the “Skinner” model that is a copy of the Grohman Canadian Belt Knife. It has become my hands-down favorite knife for food prep. Another is the “Large Sportsman” knife which is the same knife sold by Herters years ago as the “Inproved Bowie” knife. It, too is a worker in our kitchen.


    • Re Bart – Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment(s)
      Your right old hickory is not the only good utility knife available at an affordable price.


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