What Will 2014 Be Like For The Average Home Gardner?

you get tomatos We are quickly closing in on 2014. All those Xmas gifts that were purchased for Xmas are now on sale for 50 to 75 percent less that you paid for them last week. I think next year I will have my Xmas on the 28th of December so I can save another 75 percent off of that Xmas sale price!

Just a few reasons that a home garden is so important for surviving 2014.

Obama’s healthcare website was 4 years in the making costing tax payers a mere $390 million dollars and still is not working correctly. Many peoples health insurance has increased by 50 to as much as 1800 percent from what they were paying ‘before’ Obama’s (affordable Care Act) was passed into law.

Obama and his White House gang said “the housing market is in recovery.” But not everyone agrees with Obama’s assessment of the housing market.
Mortgage Bankers Association says applications fell 6.3 percent last week from a week earlier. Mortgage Applications are now at a 13-year low.

Big Grin … MacDonald’s employee website had a warning that eating fast food is bad for your health. (Website is currently off line to reword or remove this reference to eating fast food!)

Department of Justice(DOJ),Department of Homeland Security(DHS) and the U.S. Border Patrol can’t seem to find and deport the estimated 12 million Illegal Aliens living in the U.S.

Working Tax Paying Americans continue to face almost daily price increases at their local supermarkets.
While more than 46 million Food Stamp(SNAP) users are sucking the life blood from American Tax Payers.

I think I will get off my soap box now and go to my favorite Tomato Seed website I think they have more than 500 varieties of tomatoes and peppers, including selections of hybrid tomato and heirloom tomato seeds, hot chiles, sweet peppers, tomatillos and eggplants.

Happy New Year

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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Why is Common Sense so Uncommon?
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11 responses to “What Will 2014 Be Like For The Average Home Gardner?

  1. I live near a small but historic city (Chichester) in southern England. The main feature is the old Roman Cross at the centre of the city. I recently sold my family home which had a typical but very overgrown Sussex garden. I expect to be moving to Zurich, Switzerland in the near future. I doubt I’ll have a real garden there, but a window box maybe. Happy New Year!


    • Re Cassie – thank you for tking time to visit my humble blog and your comment(s). Grin, well it doesn’t require all that many tools or time to cultivate a window box.

      Good luck and Happy New Year


  2. So many interesting soap-box facts and ideas – I’ve got 2 as well – I am always fascinated by the fact that the US is the country with the highest health care spending in the world despite until now not having a national health system. US spends 17.9% of the gross domestic product for HC but is at position 33 worldwide for life expectancy….. The country with highest life expectancy is Japan which spends 9.3% of its GDP on health care and has a national health insurance system (followed in second place by Switzerland 🙂
    Another interesting fact is that in the majority of countries direct to consumer advertising of prescription drugs is illegal and controlled by the government and pharma company agencies, however in the US it is legal and made much use of.
    Anyway, I am also getting off my soap box now, but I do think the two points above are quite interesting and may surprise the odd person.
    Love your blog, keep up the fun posts, have a great New Year ( and if you run off and buy all Xmas pressies for next year now, you will save big and have a stressfree 2014) 🙂


    • Re polianthus Thanks for visiting my little blog. I don’t think life expectancy and dollars spent in health care have much to do with each other. I think life expectancy is closer tied to the crappy western diet and sedentary life style.

      Happy New Year


      • absolutely agree with you – that link can be seen in India and China as peoples life styles start matching our “developed” or more to your point crappy diet and sedentary life style. Observation was made more to the point that it seems people are worried that health care expenditure will go up if you make health care available to mirroring other systems which funnily enough spend less but have much healthier populations, for many many different reasons to your point. Anyway getting much too serious which isnt the goal of any blog chat. So sorry if I’ve gone off track with this one. Happy new year to you too Polianthus


  3. I’m looking forward to a good year of gardening, hoping not to make the same mistakes I made last year. There are plenty of new ones to make.


  4. I keep “practicing” with my garden but I’m afraid that a day might come that we’ll need it since I’m not that great a gardener. I’m learning. I’d also have to learn how to shoot if we were going to depend on the garden. Fence or not, that damn rabbit gets in.


    • Re sedrate organizes – thanks for visiting my tiny blog.
      Yes, Rabbits can be be a real problem for the home gardener. I have used 8-10 long sections of PVC 4 to 6 inch pipe placed over seedlings to keep rabbits from eating the seedling with pretty good results, but, a 410 shotgun and my rabbit stew pot are a more effective way to deal with rabbits! Good luck.
      Happy New Year


  5. Why is common sense so uncommon. . . everyone is afraid of hurting someone else’s feelings. It’s kind of like exercising good judgment has become “judging.”


    • Re mylittlefarmintown – Thanks for taking time to visit my little blog.
      Your right, common sense and good judgment are both so hard to find. People want their lack of common sense and good judgment to be called a disease so they don’t have to be responsible for their stupid speech and stupid actions.
      Happy New Year


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