Garden Plan- It’s December And I Plan To Make A Garden Plan!

xmas card It’s December, many of us long for the warm day’s of our summer gardens.
In the U.S. many have had so much rain that the garden water pond gold fish are drowning. Others have enough snow to establish a breeding colony of penguins.

We have visions of a fat goose or turkey on our Christmas dinning table. Surrounded by many happy faced hungry family members.
The aromas coming from our kitchens mingle with the seasons Christmas ‘Real’ Christmas tree smells. Reenforcing in our minds that it will soon be Christmas day. Our children, grand and great grand sons and daughters have a candy cane in one hand and a sweet apple in the other.

Yet in the secret happy place of our mind, we know it’s time to be Planning to plant our spring and summer gardens. Winter will offically arreve in 5 or 6 days, but winter days will quickly give way to the warming sun of spring.

Source Better Homes and Garden – Common Garden Herbs
Source Better Homes and Gardens – Fruit Trees, Bushes and Vines
Source Better Homes and Garden – A to Z Vegetable Chat

Don’t be intimidated! Look for plants that you know will do well in your area and your ‘normal’ weather conditions. Don’t fool yourself. You can’t grow an orange orchard in North Dakota.
Plant what you like to see blooming in your garden and plant vegetables that you like to eat! If you never buy turnips from your supermarket, Don’t Plant Turnips!
It does not matter what some self important, self appointed so called gardening expert has to say. It’s ‘Your’ garden, not theirs!

Unless you are planting a lot of the same type vegetable, you may in the long run be better off Not Buying Seed, spending a little more to buy just 2 or 3 seedlings from your local nursery. Another advantage of planting seedlings is you will be able to treat your garden soil with a pre-emergent to help you control and prevent weed and grass seeds germinating in your garden plot.

Don’t forget that it will soon be time to spray your fruit trees to control tree disease and insects that can damage your trees and next years fruit production. Timing Is Important! Spraying to early or to late in the season is a waste of your time, efforts and money.

Careful fruit tree pruning is necessary for your trees health and to maximize fruit production. Search Universities websites in your area as well as your local USDA county/state agricultural agent websites. Many have ‘Free’ very useful fact sheets on vegetable gardens and fruit tree pruning and spraying information fact sheets. as well as insect identification and control information.
Don’t be shy, they are being paid for with ‘Your’ Tax Dollars. Use their ‘Free’ services.

Find your First and Last Average Frost Date simply enter your ZIP Code and a nice chart will popup.

Merry Christmas

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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14 responses to “Garden Plan- It’s December And I Plan To Make A Garden Plan!

  1. hahah. i love your starting. i’m so grateful i live in a tropical climate so i never get time to plan. just throw in the seeds, if they live, they live, if they don’t, i never really know anyway! hahah. but the flies.. eek. any suggestions on how i could reduce them?


  2. ‘Others have enough snow to establish a breeding colony of penguins’ – this comment made me smile!!!

    This winter, at least so far, we have had a really great weather – this week it has been between 10 and 12ºC, so lots of autumn stuff is still merrily growing and we’ve all been able to get on with jobs to get the next season started.

    Merry Christmas and hope the New Year starts well for you!


  3. I’ve just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.


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  5. If you are desperate for some warm weather, we have plenty down here in Australia. Where i am we are expecting this week to be slightly warm! Starting at 35 Celsius and ending the working work at about 40 Celsius. So my thoughts are turning to wanting some cooler weather please and yes its only the start of summer. I long to see a white christmas one day, ours are mostly brown. Great post by the way! Merry Christmas.


    • Re alanayton Thank you for taking time to visit my humble tiny blog.
      To be honest, this years temperatures are no better or worst than our normal mid/late December weather. It is common for us to have a few days every winter at or below -15 to -17 degrees C.

      Grin … I think I just like to hear myself whining about how cold, how dry or how wet it is!!
      Merry Christmas


  6. It’s funny because I just wrote out a detailed plan for next year based on what worked and what didn’t work this season. We’re going through seed catalogs now too.


  7. Good that you remind us of those winter jobs like pruning fruit trees!


  8. When I look into my yard this time of year it seems impossible, what it transforms into each spring. Anticipating the warmer weather and trying new plants is what gets me through the winter and it never comes quick enough! Thanks for reminding me life will be green again!


  9. I plan one every year… sometimes it works sometimes, oh I get abducted by aliens and when I get back my garden is out of control


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