Kill A Bug Naturally

dead vw

Dead Bug Grave Yard

Much of the south, southwest and central U.S. is covered with a cold blast of winter weather.

If you can still work your garden soil, now is a good time to plow, till or dig your garden plot. Exposing weed and un-wanted grass roots, bugs, and insect eggs to the below freezing cold sending them where ever dead bug go.

Add a thick layer of compost before plowing, tilling or digging your garden plot for best results this coming spring. I’m getting a cold blast that is a challenge almost any gardener. It’s into the 1 to 5 degrees at night and daytime highs reaching into the mid to high teens!! WX guy said not to expect to get above freezing for the next 6 or 7 days.

If I have to have all this cold weather, I also need a nice snow cover so me and my grand/great grand kids can enjoy making a snow man and Yes they are mostly snow men with a few snow women mixed in. Haven’t had a white Christmas in many years.

My Ice covered wind Vane.
wind vane
Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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12 responses to “Kill A Bug Naturally

  1. That wind vane is something! Does digging in a mulch of snow count as soil improvement?


  2. I will try to remember this for next year. It’s too late now in Canada, it’s -40C which is -40F too!


  3. Great ideas, but I wish I could get someone else to go out there in the cold to try to get a shovel into the hard ground. Timing is everything.


  4. It’s 8.1 outside here – or nearly 47f. I still have carrots in the ground! I don’t have too much trouble with insects – it’s the slugs that get us here, and the moss and weeds. I’m in County Mayo, Ireland.

    I love the icy vane, it must have been spinning the whole time to look that ‘cool’.


    • Re heretherebespiders – Thanks for taking time to visit my tiny blog.
      We are to dry for Slugs to be much of a problem, but, tilling and expoaing slugs and their eggs to the cold will help control next years slug crop!
      Happy gardening.


  5. My Watering Can

    That iced up wind vane looks awesome, at least. It’s only 17 degrees up here in Illinois. It would be nice to turn some of the soil to kill the bugs, but it’s been mostly frozen off & on for a few weeks now. We don’t till our soil anymore anyway. But one of our potted plants got a spider mite infestation and we dumped it all (plant, soil) and left the pot outside to freeze those critters and eggs. I didn’t trust just washing it, as those eggs are so tiny. It’s crazy freezing weather all over though. At least that will be good for maple syrup production and fruit trees.


    • Re spider mites! I think washing pots in hot, soap and bleach water then adding new fresh soil every year is a good idea anyway. It does not cost all that much and can save you a lot of insect problems.
      Happy bug free gardening


      • My Watering Can

        Thanks for the tip. I’ll do that since I want to use those pots again! Those mites are some very prolific critters!


  6. We’re covered with that cold blast of winter here in Central California too! I’m loving this weather! 🙂 Stay warm out there!


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