Garden, Home And Farm Project Pictures Part 3 – Tiny House

I will try to keep my Finished Project pictures to a manageable number and size. Each picture will be 500 pix wide and as long as required to keep the picture in proper prospective.

Here are a few of my selected Tiny House Projects.

Handmade Bookcase

Granite Top Coffee table
coffee table

Granite Top End table

Handmade Large Wok

Homemade Spice Shelf
spice shelf

Handmade Wall Mounted Phone Holder/Charging Station
I seem to always be misplacing my phone, so I made me a wall mounted phone holder that also serves as a charging station.
wall mounted phone holder
Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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12 responses to “Garden, Home And Farm Project Pictures Part 3 – Tiny House

  1. lovely style and ideas


  2. Great book shelf. It would make great plant shelves if you put it in front of a window.


  3. Very unique projects! What talent!


  4. Those are really neat items. I especially love that bookcase, and that phone holder would really be a great thing.


  5. Very impressive pieces.


    • Re debweeks – Thank you
      I resort to building a lot of the things I need rather than giving my hard earned cash at one of those big box stores.
      Happy Holidays


  6. These are all awesome pieces.


    • Re sedrate organizes – Grin … I’m Not Cheap! I’m frugal… So I seldom buy ‘new’ what I can build from junk I have laying around that I save for some unknown reason.
      Happy Safe Holiday Season


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