Garden, Home And Farm Project Pictures Part 2 – Gates

Congratulations to me. Jay, (Kind-a, Sort-a, adopted Grand Son) delivered me a brand new Great Grand Daughter. I better give Britney (Grand Daughter-N-Law), credit for helping out on this delivery!

A lot of high resolution pictures really slows a site down and requires a long loading time. So I will try to keep my Finished Project pictures to a manageable number and size. Each picture will be 500 pix wide and as long as required to keep the picture in proper prospective.

Gate Projects for me, daughter and farm. I can’t seem to ever have enough gates!
Chicken coop gate

Chainlink fence replacement ornamental walk gates.4x4walk-gates

Custom made patio gate with initials

Custom made 20 foot wide driveway gate

Main driveway gate to my Tiny Farm

Custom made ornamental walk gate

Front and Back gates to my Tiny Yard


My Weather Guy Said we are in for 3 or 4 days cold north winds, freezing rain and light snow. Yuk!!

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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11 responses to “Garden, Home And Farm Project Pictures Part 2 – Gates

  1. Gates are great and add everything to a home and a garden. These gates are heirlooms and works of craftsmanship. Thanks for sharing the snaps. And congratulations. โ€“ The Healing Garden gardener


    • Re garden98110 Thanks for visiting my little blog and your kind comment(s).
      Grin … I have designed and buldt 5 or 6 beds, many gates, bookcases, bath towel and other assorted ornamental iron items for my daughter, grand son and grand daughter. I told them they were stuck with them and could not sell or give them away until after I die….

      Happy Holidays


  2. Sorry about the cold. I think we had it first and because we are so very nice here in the Dakotas, we decided to share it with everyone. Just pass it on to the south and we will try to send you something warmer in the future.


    • Re lucindalines – I don’t mind having a few days of really cold weather to help kill off some of last summers bugs. Hold off a few days then send me a 6 or 8 inch snow for a white Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚
      Being a politically incorrect old kid from the flat lands of Texas …
      Merry Christmas


  3. Such beautiful work! And congratulations!


  4. I have to admit, I like the yellow and red gates the best because they are colored. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. We always kept chickens when I was growing up and that is a very nice chicken coop.


    • Re sedrate organizes |- Thank you.
      If you can’t tell that I was / am a welder. I don’t even consider making anything out of wood.
      Happy Safe Holidays


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