Garden, Home And Farm Project Pictures Part 1

Congratulations to me. Jay, (Kind-a, Sort-a, adopted Grand Son) delivered me a brand new Great Grand Daughter today. I better give Britney (Grand Daughter-N-Law), credit for helping out on this delivery!

Sometimes you must toot your own horn.
I’m not fond for blog postings that have a gad-zillion pictures. A lot of high resolution pictures really slows a site down and requires a long loading time.
So I will try to keep my Finished Project pictures to a manageable number and size.
Each picture will be 500 pix wide and as long as required to keep the picture in proper prospective.

Titles/captions/descriptions will be as short as I can make them and still describe my finished project.

First up will be trailer projects for me, son-n-law and custom repair/rebuild on trailers.

Ronny’s cow/horse trailer. It required a good deal of nose (front end) sheet metal repairs and a total refit of middle and end gates. Tongue welds were broken and had to be refitted and re-welded.

FYI I am now in the process of building and attaching a cow/horse proof top for this trailer. I’m afraid that his Longhorn bull will try to go over the top when we load him to take to the butcher for processing.
06-12-2010 001

06-12-2010 003

06-12-2010 004

Red 1 horse trailer was a major project. Requiring a new floor, all nose sheet metal to be replaced, refitting of middle and end gate as well as extensive cracked and broken frame repair.

Old chemical spray trailer had to have all new decking installed, old chemical tank rack mounts removed. New side railings installed as well as a new back loading ramp for loading an old Ford 8N tractor and law maintenance equipment such as riding lawn mowers.
First picture is what it looked like before I started a rebuild and repair on this trailer. Second picture is the finished trailer and it’s owner standing on my right.


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8 responses to “Garden, Home And Farm Project Pictures Part 1

  1. Congrats on the addition to the family!


  2. I don’t know anything about transporting animals but I like your blue trailer.


    • Re sedrate organizes I picked it up at a farm equipment auction for only a few dollars. That trailer had been well used and abused. But being a welder I estimated what it would cost to put it back in good useable condition. That’s how I came to own the thing. I give it to Ronny (son-n-law) when he bough this first longhorn steer. He whined a lot because I insisted that he paint it before taking it home,( Grin.. I don’t like to paint) But after seeing what it looked like with fresh paint he stopped whining about his {Free} cow trailer.

      Happy Holidays


  3. You do good work, I am impressed. You can tell a man that takes pride in his work, you brought those old trailers back to life.


    • Re Gordon Milligan – Thanks for taking time to visit my tiny blog.
      Grin … It cost very little more in dollars and time to do it right the first time!
      Happy holidays


  4. I have a horse trailer that could benefit from a visit to your place!


    • Re Dark Creek Farm – Thanks for taking time to visit my tiny blog.
      I have never understood just how this works. You can work all day getting your cow/horse trailer in perfect condition.
      Park it at the end of the day.
      Next time you need it, it will have 2 flats needing fixing, At least 1 missing gate hing pin, Gate hinges and latches must be oiled at best or sometime refitted!
      Safety chain is missing, It was welded on the tongue, where did it go??

      Happy holidays


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