Sticker Shock – 2 Row Planter

2-row-planter I’m in sticker shock Old worn out 1 or 2 row listers(middle buster, sometimes called a bottom buster), cultivators and planters are selling for more now than they did brand new, back when!

Wanting to enlarge my garden plot and size it to allow me to row water and better cultivate, my tiny garden I have been looking for a 2 row lister and cultivator only to find out that some people think these are Antiques or collector items and are price higher that they sold for brand new 50 years ago.

I think I will just order the steel needed and build myself a brand-new lister that can easily be converted to a cultivator when needed. I haven’t given up hope on finding a lister or cultivator, but, I really think I am wasting my time. {Grin .. I have more time than money}.

For the next 20 or so days most of my time is pretty well spoken for.
If me and my blog seem to be in disorganized, it’s because we Are Disorganized.

Happy Holidays and I’m not very Politically Correct. So Merry Christmas to all

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14 responses to “Sticker Shock – 2 Row Planter

  1. I use my lister planter (JD PA700) for corn, bush beans, peas and milo (grain sorghum).

    I am trying to figure out if I can use it to plant through living mulch (white clover)

    I was pleasantly surprised when my JD store had almost every part available.

    I use it to plant my warm season crops. I put drip tubing in the ditch created by the lister.


    • Re Johnny Coleman (@BigDumbGuy) – Thanks for taking time to visit my tiny blog. No and Minimum till planters are very specialized in their construction and generally flat(no bed or furrow) plant. Using a lister type planter may not give acceptable results. I rebuilt an old well used/abused JD FB grain drill (1946) to use over seeding native grass pasture with winter wheat, but the results have been very disappointing. In 1946 no one had ever heard the term no/minimum till planting.
      Happy holidays


  2. your ‘little’ garden must be bigger than you say, but I’m totally into what you’re saying. Quite often I build my own solutions. Most of the time it’s not the prettiest thing I ever saw but it functions.

    Besides, you’re practicing what they call self-reliance. Kudos .


    • Re cmmarcum – Thanks for visiting my tiny blog.
      Currently my garden plot is only about 25X30 feet in size, but I’m wanting to re shape the plot to a spot about 100 or 125 feet long by about 50 feet wide. The main reason I want a lister and cultivator is so I can stop using a rear tine gas powered tiller, flat ground planting, and from being forced to use a sprinkler to water my garden plot.
      Listing(bedding) my plot will allow me to bed or furrow plant and to furrow water. I don’t think I will use anymore water than I now use, but I can deep soak the soil and water even on the windiest, hottest SW Oklahoma days.

      I can also use a tractor pulled cultivator verses trying to use a tiller and … Grin … hand operated hoe!!

      Happy Holiday Season


      • Sounds good. I did something similar. (small scale) I moved my washing machine to the back porch and funneled the water into a fork-shaped ditch, a 30 x 30 foot plot. I seldom have to add more water and the plants love the soap. It does give the ground a nitrogen count. But, yeah, the furrow system works great. Most plants like the dry-head & wet-feet environment.


        • Re cmmarcum water always comes at a premium here, but, we have been in a long running dry spell, close to 5 years now. I cut into my shower drain line and can now use that water on shade and ornamental plants. I try to bath using only 100 percent soap(no detergents) that is 100 percent biodegradable. Seems to be working out well.
          Happy Holidays.


  3. Is it possible to rent one? I was going to do that at our old house until we realized no one knew where the underground power wires were.


    • Re sedrate organizes thanks for visiting my little blog.
      The truth is, because of the fact the world is sue happy, no one I know will rent or even loan out a piece of equipment in fear of getting sued it the stupid user get injured.

      Happy Holiday Season


      • That sucks. Sorry ’bout that. In Canada it doesn’t seem to be a problem, maybe because we have to sign booklets worth of legal paper work before we can get anything done.


        • Re sedrate organizes – For the good or the bad of it. It is a sign of our times. Some people to stupid to use a screw driver without hurting them self’s then wanting to sue anyone in sight for a self-inflected injury!

          Happy Holiday Season


  4. Seems everything with the green and yellow paint are expensive 🙂


    • Re debweeks – Thanks for visiting my humble blog.
      I have a old, he really is a old man, that has his own welding shop and does a lot of welding repair work. He said that JD Green and Yellow paint cost about $30.00 a gallon, but if he paints something that color, no matter how much or little paint he uses, he adds $100 to $200 dollars to the selling price of the item he just painted. … Smile

      Happy Holidays


  5. I like your attitude. If I don’t want to pay the price, or can’t find what I want, I’ll just make up my own! My husband thinks that way too, and I like it. Very resourceful.


    • Re wordsfromanneli Hi, I was in the business of designing and building and repairing farm emplements for 50 years. So it’s no big thing for me to build what I need in the way of farm equipment.
      Happy Holidays


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