U.S.A.’s Most Popular Bird Is ………..

The magnificent Bald Eagle Is The Nation Symbol Of Our Nation.


The Wild and Domestic Turkey Is Our Nation’s Most Popular Bird.

Happy and Safe Holiday Season.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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Why is Common Sense so Uncommon?

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4 responses to “U.S.A.’s Most Popular Bird Is ………..

  1. We made sure that our Thanksgiving turkey got up to 165F as recommended. We made an excellent stuffing in pie pumpkins this year — wild rice, various veggies, bread crumbs, a few more things I missed while washing dishes, roasted in pumpkins. You get a nice scoop of pumpkin when you take your stuffing. Thanks for all the garden/cooking tips throughout the year.


  2. Happy Turkey Day!!


  3. They are rather tasty. Turkeys, that is.


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