Fall’s Garden Harvest and Harvesting Wild Game

Some unidentified bug Found me and has had me down with a fever and bad cough for the past week!

Today I cooked and de-boned a ham hock to flavor a pot of vegetable soup and to flavor a big pan of pinto beans. I don’t seem to have the nack to make really good tasting chicken noddle soup, so I defer to the experts in that area, Ma Campbell’s condensed soup in a can.

Soup, stew and pinto beans are always better the second day. So Soup with fresh homemade corn bread today.
Pinto beans, flour tortillas and ‘something’ (Maybe) home fried potato’s green jalapeno pepper sauce and scrambled eggs for breakfast tomorrow morning! Wow that sounds good. …. Grin … as some famous guy once said, If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Fall is a great time of the year. New crop red skins, Irish and sweet potato’s are being dug and harvested along with many other root crops like carrots, turnips, beetroots.

Garden fresh Brussels sprouts, broccoli, red and green cabbage are all on the menu. New crop dry beans and peas.

Wild game is being harvested, elk, deer, rabbits. Wild turkey(the bird not the whiskey) ducks, geese, and quail are all in season. Now is a really good time to kill and process that/those wild pig(s) causing so much damage to Fall crops , fields and ponds.

This guy has an excellent youtube video on how to cut up your elk, deer or goat.
27 minute video on processing a deer for the freezer.
Assorted videos Video’s On processing Pig, Rabbit and Fresh/Saltwater Fish.

Wx guy is calling for a hard freeze tonight, So .. ready or not, every still on plants and vines will be picked today. Much of it will be chopped up to make a couple of pints of salsa.

Maybe when I recover from this bad bug my post will make more sense!

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7 responses to “Fall’s Garden Harvest and Harvesting Wild Game

  1. Keep eating that soup. We have had a couple of freezes here in the Appalachian Mountains, but our cold weather crops are surviving. We are eating a lot of swiss chard with every meal!


  2. My brussel sprouts aren’t doing too well. Maybe I planted them too early in the summer?


    • Re sedrate organizes Sad smile … I’m only making a wild guess, but Brussels sprouts like cool damp soil. My guess is sometime in hotter, drier weather conditions your sprouts became dry stressed and never fully recovered.
      Happy Holiday season


  3. A nice hearty vegetable soup seems just the thing to bring on some recovery. Actually it just plain sounds good! Hope you’re back to healthy soon.


  4. Harvesting game used to be the way it was done. Now we pretend it isn’t happening and let big companies do the processing for us.


  5. Enjoyed your post! Not sure I’m up to “processing an elk” though…


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