Halloween Eve

The house is filled with the smells of mama’s kitchen, of popcorn being made into candied popcorn balls, fresh dipped candied apples and apple pies and more.

Home made pumpkin bread and pies, roasted pumpkin seeds and more.

Home made brownies and fudge, peanut brittle and patties and more.

Fresh salt roaster home grown in shell peanuts, pecans, walnuts and more.

Fresh harvested oranges, red and green skinned apples and more.

Little bags filled with assorted candies of all sorts, some wrapped in cheese cloth tied tightly at the top with colorful ribbons.
Some in tiny brown paper bags closed and sealed with a drop of candle wax, and more.

Little colorful plastic and paper cups ready to be filled with soda, fruit juice or koolaid and more.

Jack-o-lanterns faces are carved ready to light the way for trick or treaters of all ages. Skeletons and ghost lurk every where and more.

Spiked halloween punch and milder versions are chilling for the ‘older’ haloween party goers and more.

Halloween costumes are ready to amuse or send halloween trick or treaters down the street in fearful flight and more.

Just a side note I was raised in the big flat land cotton farm country, panhandle of Texas. Where homes were seldom closer than 1 mile apart, so, Halloween was mostly a family affair celebrated with mom, dad, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandma and grandpa.
I once received a raw sweet potato wrapped in an old brown paper sack from the widow Ms. Gray. When I complained to dad about this potato, he told me in his this is not a discussion, I talk, You listen voice. That our neighbor was very kind to give part of her winter food to me as a halloween treat. This potato will give each of your brothers and sisters a helping of sweet potato that other wise we would not have.

Happy And A Safe Halloween

halloween pumpkin


10 responses to “Halloween Eve

  1. Halloween is over for another year but I still love your pumpkin! And thanks for being the very first blogger to like my brand new blog about my allotment adventure. Do you have allotments in the USA? I’m American by birth but can’t recall, I think it might be a truly British thing! Anyway love your site, it’s a treat to see all the recipes and I shall be back!


    • Re Lindy Joy – Thanks for finding time to visit my tiny blog. Allotment is a UK term that most Americans do not understand. We in general are free from counsel control and are free to plant anything any where on our property that we wish to use as a garden plot. Backyards are commonly converted into backyard home gardens.
      Happy gardening


  2. I could eat a huge bowl of mamas fresh salt roaster home grown in shell peanuts.


  3. Isn’t it amazing what we remember from childhood? Did you make a sweet potato pie from the potato–it’s our favorite!


    • Re thefolia – Mom was not into making potato pie, but she could turn a potato or two into a dish of candied yam’s that were to die for.
      Happy holiday season


  4. I love Halloween, except for the scary parts.


  5. could smell your post and want to come to your house for halloween


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