Where Has All The Rain Gone ?

1 drop at a time

drip irrigation

Many areas are under water use restrictions. Drip irrigation will help you get the most from your available water supplies with a minimum of water waste. No more watering areas that contain no vegetable , berry or fruit crops.

Drip irrigation was developed in Israel some 40 years ago. Bringing the desert to life requires careful selection of plant varieties and conservative water usage. Using this method you can save a lot on money on watering your garden. Minimize fungus and weed problems. You are delivering your available water directly to Only the plants you want watered.

Water is applied at the plants base root zone at a slow rate maximizing water conservation by limiting water loss in run off and evaporation. Only the root zone is watered so you can deep water and go longer before your plants need another soaking saving time and water. Deep Mulching between rows does double duty. The mulch helps control unwanted weeds and helps conserve soil moisture and keeps the soil temperature much lower during the hot dry days of summer. Till under your mulch in the Fall to improve your garden and orchard soil. button dripper

Commonly drippers are rated from 0.50 to 2 gallons per hour. Bigger is not always better. Applying water at 0.50 GPH allows for deeper watering in a smaller area than applying 2 GPH for the same amount of time.

The Colorado State University Extension has a website that contains a great deal of information on drip irrigation systems CSU Drip Irrigation

University of Nebraska Drip Irrigation Fact Sheet

I AM NOT ENDORSING these companies, they are provide for your evaluation and a good starting place to look for drip irrigation products.

The Drip Store
Drip Depot

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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7 responses to “Where Has All The Rain Gone ?

  1. October can be one of the driest months of the year. I think, the dryness signals the grass to go dormant and the trees to drop their leaves. July can be one of the wettest months of the year.


  2. I can tell you where the rain has gone – its over here in the UK, we are swamped with it at the moment!! but in sunnier climes I agree drip irrigation is a good idea.


    • Re lodgehousebandbsomerset – For most of us rain may not be really needed and maybe an inconvenience at that moment in time, but in the long view, it is mostly needed wetting our soil and being a benefit to streams. lakes and rivers.

      Thanks for taking time to visit my little blog.


  3. I have seen farmers cover their crops in a black plastic, cutting a hole only where the plant is. This prevents weeds and traps moisture evaporating from the ground.


  4. We use a drip line for our hedge and it works beautifully. Nothing wasted.


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