Eat To Prevent Catching A Winter Cold

elle Mama said “take everything available for a cold and it will last seven days, take nothing and it’ll last a week”.

At least 100 different viruses have so far been identified that can result in the symptoms of a cold. That leaves the immune system challenged.

Remember that we can boost both the number and the activity of white blood cells with specific nutrients, and that can be hindered by what we eat too as well.

Foods that should be on the top of your shopping list.

Zinc: found in seafood, chicken, oats, brown rice and pumpkin seeds it enhances T cells, a type of immune cell that helps create antibodies.
Caution it is possible to take too much zinc and so if you are taking any other supplements, such as a multivitamin and mineral, you shouldn’t be taking more than 45mg daily, and then only for very short periods.

Vitamin C: found in berries, sweet potatoes, peppers, kale and cauliflower, it enhances most areas of the immune system. It can’t be stored in the human body for long, so a regular top up is advised.

Organosulphides: found in garlic, chives, onions and leeks, they stimulate phagocytic action making the process more efficient.

Olive leaf extract: Found in supplements, and annoyingly not in food, this nutrient is very useful in providing a valuable boost to the immune system olive leaf extract can enhance the number as well as the action of white blood cells.

Try this when you feel a cold or infection coming on (but remember, it’s not a trio to be taken on an ongoing basis), zinc 15mg, vitamin C 500mg and olive leaf extract 500mg. Take this three times a day for no more than three days and you could well find that you don’t develop the cold or infection to start with.

As for food, think soup; vegetable based soups are highly recommended as they offer easily absorbed nutrients as well as hydration. Interesting to note too that research at the University of Omaha found that chicken soup was found to have a useful combination of nutrients.

Foods to avoid avoid sugar, as it can hinder white blood cell actions, and avoid excessive dieting which potentially starves the body of the nutrients it needs to fight off infections.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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6 responses to “Eat To Prevent Catching A Winter Cold

  1. wish I would have read this last week! But so good to know for the future. Great advice.


  2. Ah, the 7 day ? one week quote us what my grandmother and my father say 🙂 And its so true, no matter what I do, if I get a cold I’ll feel dreadful for about a week. Buf my hometown,… I’ve lived in 8 countries so I don’t really have one. But here where I live in Barcelona its one of those places that in autumn and spring, when the weather is already / still cold and the sun is out, people dress as if its hot… the result: people with colds will sneeze all over me and I end up getting sick too at some point. Ugghhh! I try to eat well in those moments, get plenty of vitamin C, drink a bit of fresh ginger infusions, etc…


    • Re Sofia Thanks for taking time to visit my tiny humble blog.
      I don’t think we can avoid being exposed to cold and flu viruses, but we can using common sense and a good healthy diet limit their effects.
      Happy holiday season


  3. Good old chicken soup still tastes good when you’re sick (or not sick).


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