Fun And Odd Foods – Foods That Are Not On My Menu

chicken-feet-soup Source Chicken Feet Soup Recipe
I pride myself in the fact I have few problem(s) trying foods from other countries.
Foods that most of us like are the foods we grew up eating, but, still I do like many foods I have discovered in my travels and from friends.

Sorry but In my humble opinion, chicken feet, fried chicken heads and combs are not on my menu.

Sushi be it Chinese, Koren or Japanese style, Raw (fish or meats) sea food is best suited to sea otters and whales! I have the same feelings about dried sea foods, they are just not suited for my West Texas and Southwest Oklahoma menu.

fighting dogs Before you go postal on me. While living in Greece I discovered fried squid, (calamari, calamari) and pickled octopus. They are also not on my country boy menu.

Fun Things, as a … well … younger man, I was dating a nice Thai girl, after a late night at several night clubs, many beers later we went to a Thai restaurant, (2am in the morning) What I though I was ordering was grilled octopus served on rice noddles with a very spicy red sauce.
What I got was a bed of rice with a small live octopus that kept crawling off my plate. Eeeek, next time I insisted that my girl friend order for me so nothing was lost in my Texas accent!

FYI, as an equal opportunity dinner, raised in cow country, I have no love or calf brains and scrambled eggs or calf fries, you know what that is right? Fried calf testicles! I don’t eat rattle snake or crawdads(cray fish) either.

Duck and Goose liver, Pâté de foie gras is best left inside the duck or goose or used as catfish bait.
I feel the same way about beef and pork liver. It is best served to the dogs or used as fish bait.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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6 responses to “Fun And Odd Foods – Foods That Are Not On My Menu

  1. While you were living in Greece didn’t you eat the sardines? I mean fresh from the sea ones. They were usually fried and of course cannot eat anything there without dousing it with lemon.


  2. nice. I’m picturing you trying to aim the fork at the octopus and figuring it might not be worth the adventure…..


  3. I’m a sushi fan, but you’re right on most of the other things. I was in China and was treated to wasabi pickled duck feet. I tried one bite. It was cold. I was done.


  4. I got a smile out of this post. I agree with you on some of the things.


  5. Johnny Ojanpera

    I am with you on all but the calamari and crawfish (the Southern name). They are so good when they are super spicy, Cajun style. Calamari has to be cooked perfectly to avoid that rubbery texture. Everything else is better suited for animals or bait.


  6. I agree with most of your choices… but do like sushi… but I am not eating any thing that is still alive… oooooo yack! I mean who wants to have a screaming sea creature struggling with thier free arms attack you back when take the frist bite. NOT ME….. makes me think of a buggs bunny cartoon with a Octopus stuck on his face and arms completely covering his head… tooo funny


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