Fruitcake And The Holiday Season

collins street bakery Fruitcake season will soon be upon us.

Little know Fruitcake facts:

* Before the Iron Age, fruit cakes were used as boat anchors.
* If laid end to end, all the fruitcakes exchanged in one holiday season would stretch 1/2 to the moon.
* Re-gifted fruitcakes circumnavigates the globe an average of 25 times before it ends up in the hands of someone who will actually eat it.
The Fruitcake industry call this an “aging” process and claim it enhances the flavor.
* It is a little known fact that there is No evidence that can prove that any person has ever purchased a fruitcake for themselves.
* Dogs will run away from home at the first sight or smell on a Fruitcake. Pigs will cower in the corner of their pens.
* The ancient Egyptians considered fruitcake an essential food for the afterlife.
Even the ancient Egyptians knew Fruitcake will last forever.
* Many Americans said they would rather die than eat a Fruitcake.
* To promote Fruitcake sales in the Bahamas, not only is the fruit cake drenched with rum, but the ingredients are as well. All of the candied fruit, walnuts, and raisins are placed in an enclosed container and are soaked with the darkest variety of rum, from 2 weeks to 3 months.
* In the early 18th century, fruitcake (called plum cakes) was outlawed entirely throughout Continental Europe. These cakes were considered as “sinful.” By the end of the 18th century there were laws restricting the use of plum cake.
* Queen Victoria waited a year to eat a fruitcake she received for her birthday.

I like Fruitcake, when we are both Rum soaked!

For you convince here are a few links to some evil Fruitcake Bakers.
Collin Street Bakery
Monastery Bakery
Gethsemani Farms

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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6 responses to “Fruitcake And The Holiday Season

  1. How on earth do those companies stay in business and they are not cheap by any means either! I got a kick out of your take on the fruit cake post, because I believe it all, every bit of it.


  2. Bleech. Just thinking of those red and green jelly things…… I think they’re fruit….
    I make an exception for the Collin Street Bakery version it is delicious! More of a pecan/pineapple yummy cake than any kind of boat anchor loaf type.


  3. I also like fruit cake if it is not too gummy and has lots of nuts. I’ve been told people in Louisiana make the cakes on Thanksgiving and set a bottle of rum next to it. Anyone passing by from then until Christmas is to pour a cup (or more) of rum over the cake and re-cover. The teller of this said he made sure he passed by enough times to use two bottles!! I don’t use alcohol, my Christian faith, but I do like the taste of rum in candy and cakes. I don’t think I ever heard the one about the boat anchor??


  4. my sister in law buys herself one every year …. she stoped buy my family one after we regifted the cake and she found out… we are not fans… but I do like Rum so maybe you have the correct action ….eat with lots of rum


  5. Does anyone actually like fruitcake? haha As far as I’m concerned, let’s go back to using them as boat anchors!


  6. My stepdad and I are two of the only people i know who actually LOVE fruitcake! LOL drives my mother “nuts”! 🙂
    great post!


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