Seeking Guest Author’s

book01 I need a few or a lot of Guest Authors to post about their Flower or Vegetable gardening experiences.
It’s simple, write your post, email it to me by clicking the Contact Me menu selection on the top menu bar of my blog.

Make your post as long or as short as you like, but it seems that post no longer than about 750-800 words get the most attention.
Include a picture or two if you wish.
Don’t forget to give a title line for your Guest Author Post.
Don’t forget to toot your own horn, include a few lines about You, Your Town and Country, a URL address to your blog or home page is nice but not required.

I will give you full credit for your Guest Author Posting(s).

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

If you see or read something you like Please Share By Re-blogging, Twitter or Email To A Friend

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4 responses to “Seeking Guest Author’s

  1. Intrigued: why are you looking for guest authors?


    • Re silverbells2012 – Hi, I am just 1 old guy that has spent most of my life involved with the cotton and wheat growing industry and in the small to large beef production business.
      I would like to get others especially in foreign countries…. at least foreign to me, to share their gardening and farm animal raising experiences with my blog visitors.
      They often grow flowers and vegetables unknown to me and have developed growing methods that are well worth considering.
      Besides that most of what I post is just tips and tricks that I use or have used in the past that worked for me.
      I am in on since of the word any kind of gardening expert or as some say a guru of some sort.

      Happy Fall gardening


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