Freezing Surplus Fruit And Garden Vegetables – A Crash Course

frozen vegetables Freezing Vegetables Nothing could be any faster or easier to preserve your garden fresh surplus fruits and vegetables.

Don’t over look freezing fresh herbs.
Hint Package mixed fresh herbs in single serving size packages.

* It is best to harvest vegetables in the early morning hours.
* Wash your vegetables under cold running water.
* Blanching your vegetables is not required but is recommended.
* Cool in ice water if you choose to blanch your vegetables.
* Drain and dry vegetables before putting them in air tight freezer packages.
* Slice dice chop or package whole. It’s your choice.

Thinking ahead
Make single meal mixed vegetable packages.
Package assorted vegetables for a quick and easy to use, Soup or Stew vegetable mix. You can even add your favorite herbs to this soup/stew vegetable mix package.

Package selection Use freezer quality plastic containers or bags sized to hold a single meal quantity of vegetables.

Wow after stuffing bags with vegetables and putting them in my freezer I’m give out. Time for a southern delight jelly glass full of ice cold sweet tea.

University of Missouri Freezing Vegetables
University of Georgia Freezing Vegetables
Ohio State University Freezing Vegetables – PDF
New Mexico State University Freezing Vegetables

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4 responses to “Freezing Surplus Fruit And Garden Vegetables – A Crash Course

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  2. I have been freezing herbs for the last 3 years and it works very well. Next step: Freezing some courgettes at the week end! Thanks for the tips.


  3. I always look forward to the next tips.


  4. Wonderful tips and links!


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