Then It Rained!

light show I have been whining for the last 5 years about our long running drought. 2013 has been a little better, very few days over 100 degrees and enough 1/4 to 1/2 inch rains to mostly keep our pasture grass from going dormant. Not enough to raise a garden but every drop of rain helps.

My dogs woke me about 3am this morning, we had a thunderstorm moving in. Sky was continuously lit up by lighting, thunder was shaking my windows. Then the gust front hit my house. Winds gusting to 70mph with a hard driving rain following the gust front. From 3am until a bit after 6am I received 5.08 inches of rain filling Ronny’s fish pond to the point of overflowing.

This should have filled most if not all of the local livestock ponds and give a lot of run off water into the lakes that many people depend on for household drinking water. I’m hopeful this is that all famous drought buster rain.

What few tomato, squash and cucumber vines I have managed to keep alive are looking really sad this morning after being whipped around by a 70mph wind storm last night. Tomato cages are for the most part laying on the ground! Squash and cucumber vines are upside down!

To get out of their hen house my hens had to wade 2 inches of water that hasn’t drained away from their coop and outside run.

Hehehe … I can see part of someones barn roof sheet metal laying out in the north pasture. Grin … I’ll bet he(the farmer) wishes all that sheet metal was still on his barns roof…

It has cooled off into the low mid 70’s last night and my Weather guy said we have a cool front passing over us and for the next few days we will have low to mid 80’s for our daytime highs. It doesn’t get any better than this in late July in the almost desert southwest of Oklahoma.

For those that got enough rain to get a good stand of cotton up this season, this rain will carry them into harvest time of late September to early November. It will allow those that plant hard red winter wheat to drill in a winter crop starting about the last part of September.

Happy, happy, summer gardening days ahead.

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7 responses to “Then It Rained!

  1. Glad your drought days, scratched that, years, are over. Finally getting some good rain for your crops! Hope the wind didn’t do much damage. Happy farming 🙂


  2. Sorry about your plants, but how lucky to get the rain!


  3. Really pleased for your drought breaking rain. Having land on a mountain top I get a whole lot of those gret gusty winds and love them. Hope you collect enough of the rain to last a long time. Don’t forget to get outside with bare feet and dance in the puddles. It grows the soul. After jump in a hot bath and relax.


  4. I hope your tomatoes recover. The rain will no doubt do them a lot of good!!


  5. Nothing like a good summertime downpour to give you a breather in between waterings. Everyone relaxes for just a little bit and the break from the heat is an added bonus. Get a good grip because I bet those squash are going to take off in the next couple weeks.
    Glad to hear you didn’t have any serious damage from wind, those straight winds used to scare the Yankee in me when I was down there!


    • Re bittster – Thanks for taking time to visit my tiny blog
      Grinning .. 70mph winds are not common, neither are they that uncommon either.
      Happy summer gardening


  6. Yaaaayyy! I do hope this was your drought buster!


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