Frugal Living Is A Life Style Not A Dirty Word

Frugal people live below their means, simply put living below your means is spending less than you make and saving the rest.

How do you know if you are frugal? That’s easy, you no longer worry or even care if your television set is not bigger or that you have more TV channels or that your car in newer and bigger than your friends and neighbors.
* You use ‘real’ money not credit cards to pay for everyday living expenses.
* Your dog and cat are eating bulk, dry food, not dispensed from a gourmet pet food can.
* You don’t care if your lawn mower is 10 years old, it still runs and cuts grass.
* Your designer clothes come from Walmart or Kmart.
* You would rather eat a $7.00 steak cooked at home on your $19.00 BBQ grill than eat a $25.00 Steak at {insert restaurant name}.
* Order in or out Pizza is a treat not a staple of your diet.

Little life style changes can save you a lot of money.
* Wash pots and pans as you finish using them. Don’t pile them up for a major dish washing event later.
* Don’t use a dish washer.
* Wash by hand, you will use less soap, less water and have cleaner dishes. This only takes a few minutes ‘If you don’t allow them to pile up in the sink’.
* Buy generic (store) brand dish soap, washing detergent and disinfectant cleansers by the gallon at your local big-box store.
* Relearn how to use a mop, don’t have one, buy one and make it a good quality mop. It will last a ‘long’ time if properly taken care of.

Buy jelly and jam in those cute little jars with a handle that look like root beer mugs. There great for casual dining, and BBQ’s. Best of all they are cheap. They are filled with something you are going to buy anyway.
* Buy mustard and pickles in jars that can be reused in canning,
* Buy bulk or better yet fresh vegetables from your local farmers market or picked fresh from your garden vegetables to make salsa, relish and dips. Refrigerate for later use in that recycled mustard jar.

Impress your friends. Keep and refill gourmet coffee and tea containers with your much cheaper in store brands.
Buy nuts in bulk in shell. Shell as needed and eat healthier. No added oils, salt or perseveres.
Get yourself a home tool kit. This small investment can save big on home repairs. There is no reason you need to pay someone tighten a screw or two on cabinet doors, put a nail or two in a piece of loose siding or to reset a tripped electric breaker switch. Do It Yourself {DIY} and enjoy pocketing the big savings.

Bulk buying is frugal shopping. Beans, rice and the like is cheaper in bulk.
Store your bulk foods in air tight reusable jars, {I like 1/2 – 1 gallon recycled pickle jars} or plastic containers. If you have the space, store bulk dried products in your deep freeze. Keeps them fresh and keeps the insects out.
Never buy another small trash bag. Recycle your plastic and brown paper shopping for small free trash bags. I open plastic shopping bags, put one hand in and pickup things that I do not want to touch (dog poop!) with my hands as well.

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6 responses to “Frugal Living Is A Life Style Not A Dirty Word

  1. Even more frugal: buy second-hand or thrift. Got some of my best jeans from the local Salvation Army. I’m just gonna put holes in ’em anyway! Buy quality, not quantity. And break your TV habit. Probably only paid for cable three years out of the last 20. Haven’t missed much.


  2. Its fascinating that first world ‘culture’ has ‘evolved’ to describe people who live frugally as ‘cheap’ or ‘mean’. It’s still going to take some time for the collective consciousness to rise to the level of knowing that ‘frugal’ equals sustainable living and really our only option in the long term. We need to actively applaud (and cherish) those living frugally!!


  3. This is what I do : I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I compost the leftovers or what is rotten. I use the fruits to make low fat fruit ice cream with fruits too ripe that I froze. I am embracing the frugal living for the rest of my life i reckon so I wrote down every tip you gave to improve my own simple life.


  4. marieandtheappletree

    Oh my thats me 🙂 Although I prefer to cook at home because my cooking is AWESOME! And we don’t have a chain clothing store for 70 kms from here, but we do have an excellent op-shop. I think you guys in the US call them consignment stores/thrift shops? 🙂
    Great post!


  5. Great information. I do some of those things already but there were a lot of new ideas in your post.


  6. Johnny Ojanpera

    The only thing I don’t do is can my veggies. We did it growing up, but I need a course on how and what I would actually eat other than pickles. Also, there is so much freedom without any form of credit, although I have a house payment… Great information!


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