No Cold Fruits Or Vegetables For You

uk-market Keep fruit and vegetables in daylight to boost nutrients
Who Knew? Fruits and vegetables should not be stored in the fridge or a dark cupboard because they need a natural cycle of day and night to produce optimum levels of nutrients and flavor, scientists claim.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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7 responses to “No Cold Fruits Or Vegetables For You

  1. Well you learn something new every day.


  2. Fruit & veggies look amazing in your home on display in bowls and freshen up your space–don’t be shy show off your true veggie colors! Happy Nesting!


  3. It’s a good thing to know. Thank you. In practical terms though, I’m not sure I’d have the space in my kitchen to have everything out. My fruit bowl takes up a lot of room on the counter already.


  4. Kind of makes sense, given that until Steinbeck wrote “East of Eden” we did not put lettuce into refrigerator train cars to ship them from California to points east. And, we thought that harvesting the salad from garden to table was just tasty, huh?


  5. I didn’t know that too. we usually keep our fruits in the fridge as they spoil easily in our hot and humid weather.


  6. I love gardening; but I did not know that too. I used to put them in the fridge to preserve them.


  7. I didn’t know that. I don’t put fruit in the fridge but vegetables, except tomatoes and onions and potatoes, I do.


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