Fall And Winter Herbs

terracotta pots It’s Not To Late to plan and plant your Fall and Winter kitchen herb garden.

A sunny south facing window, a few 8 inch pots, I like terracotta pots, filled with good quality potting soil and you have all the necessary ingredients for your kitchen herb garden.

There is a huge selection of both tender leafy and Mediterranean herbs available from nursery stocks and seed sellers. Plant what you like to eat.

Source Winter Herbs Fact Sheet
Winter Herbs: Many herbs that do well over the summer are not hardy enough to survive through the cooler months.
However, there are plenty of herbs that grow very well at this time, particularly in pots. The secret to successful potted herbs is to use a deep pot, at least 8 inches(20 centimeters), so the plant roots have plenty of space to grow.

Uses an organic potting mix which is free draining and has an added slow-release fertilizer. Fill the pot to about 2 inches (5 centimeters) below the top. This ensures water doesn’t simply run over the edges of the pot.

Into the first pot plant leafy winter greens which grow quickly. These include rocket, coriander and perpetual spinach. Coriander is good to grow at this cooler time of the year because it won’t bolt to seed. Planting them in clumps is fine if you want to do that.
* Perpetual spinach is similar to silverbeet in that it will take about two seasons before it begins to grow really well.
* Rocket tastes quite ‘mustardy’ mix it with the blander lettuces it adds a bit of bite to your salad mix.

Water all these leafy greens regularly with a diluted seaweed solution (house plant water soluble fertilizer) at 1/2 its recommended strength and in about six weeks time you’ll start harvesting.

In another pot, plant perennial, Mediterranean-type plants.
* Thyme grows naturally in gravelly soil so when grown in pots it needs very good drainage. Plants the thyme near the edge of the pot where it will spill over the rim of pot for a great looking effect.
* Rosemary comes in many different types, from tall growing shrubs to prostrate forms that can cascade over the edge of a pot. There are also many colors, including white, pink or mauve. Plants a shrubby form and encourage it to stay compact by pinching it back (removing top growth) picking and using it regularly.

Mediterranean herbs are tough and only need watering about every second or third week but leafy greens will need watering every 4 to 6 days. To pick the herbs for the kitchen simply pinch off the tips with your fingers, this in effect, prunes them which encourages bushier, faster growing plants.


5 responses to “Fall And Winter Herbs

  1. I need to do this next year! Been buying fresh herbs a lot!


  2. I’m lucky enough to live in a climate where herbs survive the winter, so I have them outside in my herb garden. Love having them. I fill my jars of dried herbs to do me for the winter.


  3. Re: Isobel – Thanks for visiting my humble little blog.
    I use an old 5 gallon fish tank, bottom 2 inches or so filled with large driveway rock and crushed BBQ charcoal, then added about 4 inches of potting soil. I plant basil from seed and have all the fresh basil I need all winter.
    This has no drain holes so use caution that you don’t ‘Over water’ your basil
    Happy herb gardening


  4. This is a great idea. I always thought about growing herbs indoors but I wasn’t sure they would survive. I’d love to have Basil in the winter. Do you think it would survive? Thanks for another informative post.


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