Summer And Winter Arrives On June 21, 2013 – Are You Ready For It?

weeder This is northern solstice in the northern hemisphere and the southern solstice in the southern hemisphere. Depending on the shift of the calendar, the summer solstice occurs some time between December 20 and December 23 each year in the southern hemisphere and between June 20 and June 22 in the northern hemisphere, time reference is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) or sometimes called Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Equinox / Solstice

Month March June September December
year day time day time day time day time
2013 20 11:02 21 05:04 22 20:44 21 17:11
2014 20 16:57 21 10:51 23 02:29 21 23:03
2015 20 22:45 21 16:38 23 08:20 22 04:48

Its time to be designing your Fall or Spring garden. Developing your garden plan. Selecting the plants and garden location that will most benefit your plant selections. I have included two free on line garden designer free to use software links.
Online Garden Planner
Google Sketchup download site
Time To Think About Planting Your Fall / Winter Garden
Plan Your Fall Garden – Now Is The Time

Clean up your summer garden. Some of your summer garden plants will soon begin to be less productive. Be ready to rip out non productive and insect infested or diseased plants. Making more room for Fall and Winter crops.

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2 responses to “Summer And Winter Arrives On June 21, 2013 – Are You Ready For It?

  1. Oh how things differ in different parts of the country. 🙂 We had to cover the garden to protect from frost two nights this week. We are at 3100 feet in central Oregon and our plants are just getting going. Its a short growing season here and the plants have to get with it or they just don’t produce, but you learn tricks and you adapt and the crops come in. I also keep bees and if you would like to see my bee yard check out my own blog at


  2. I’ve been ready for summer since January 1st.


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