Time Not Thyme, To Start Thinking About Planting Your Fall / Winter Garden

baby cabbage
Fall Gardening fact sheet

It’s hard think about planting my fall garden when I still have not harvested my first tomato from my summer garden. But the fact is it will soon be time to plant seed getting your seedlings off to a good head start.

When do you need to start planting your Fall garden seeds? The first thing you must do is determine your first average frost date. First Frost Date Chart My first average first frost date is the 6th day of November.

Now read your seed package and find the planting to harvest in days. The Brussels sprouts I am planting requires 90 days, planting to harvest. Add 14 day for sprouting your seedlings. Add another 14 to 21 days to allow you a few weeks of harvesting your fall crop before your first freeze. 90 + 14 + 14 + 7 = 118 days to 125 days.

Brushed with butter and Broiled

Brushed with butter and Broiled

Subtract 118 or 125 days from November 6th and I will know when I need to plant my Brussels sprout seed for a Fall harvest. November 6 – 118 or 125 days = about the 2nd to the 9th day of July. Just so it’s easy for me to remember what date I planted my Brussels sprout seed, I will plant mine on the first day of July with hopes of having them transplanted into my tiny garden by the 15 or no later than the 20 day of July.

Easy Calculator
(Using my example)
Your frost date from first freeze chart November 6th
Days to harvest from seed package ————– 90
Add 14 days for planting to germination ——– 14
Add 14 to 21 days to allow you 2 or 3 weeks of Fall
garden harvest time. —————————-14 to 21
————————————Total Days – 118 to 125

Use your calendar and count backwards for 118 to 125 days
to arrive at the date you need to plant you Fall
Garden seeds.

You can plant almost any garden crop for your Fall harvest using the calculator above. In fact many gardens crops do much better in the cooler days of Fall than in the hotter days of late spring and summer.

Short Season Fall Crops. Many can be harvested in as little as 30 to 55 days.
Some recommended Fall garden crops are:
Bush short season cucumbers
Bush short season yellow squash or zucchini
Bush short season tomato’s
Short season sweet corn
Beans and pea’s (there are many short season varieties)
Lettuce all varieties
Cole crops such as:
Brussels sprouts
Maybe with luck, Broccoli and Cauliflower

Don’t forget to plant next Springs Garlic before the first hard freeze this Fall.

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2 responses to “Time Not Thyme, To Start Thinking About Planting Your Fall / Winter Garden

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  2. Love the picture of the brussel-sprouts! I remember seeing brussel-sprouts at the farmers market when I lived in Wisconsin. I had no idea how beautifully complex nature can be when growing something you usually see in a can or in the freezer isle.


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