Tiny Garden – Wind And Rain Storm Damage

storm cloud Wednesday late afternoon we did in fact have a line of storms that caused straight line winds in excess of 70mph(120kph) {My peek reading was 79mph}(130kph) with hard heavy rain. I measured about 2 inches in less than 30 minutes.

Daughter and SNL(Son-N-Law) lost almost all of the south side house roof shingles and are mopping water until the rain comes to an end.
The farmer west of my tiny house lost the roof on his livestock barn. Most of the barn roof remained air born for almost 1/2 mile before landing in a wheat field well north of my tiny house.

I hear storm spotters (on Amateur Radio) reporting measured winds north and northeast of me at 80+mph. No tornado damage has been reported but an 80 MPH wind and cause sever structure damages.

Enough whining, hehehe, if the hail and wind didn’t flatten my garden, I did get some much needed rain on my tiny garden. The weather forecast guy say’s that we may get some more late afternoon thunderstorms for the next 3 or maybe 4 days.

My Garden Mostly Survived small tender seedlings, squash vines, tomato vines and peppers seem to have survived but did suffer a lot of leaf loss from the winds. Corn is gone, either broke off at ground level or totally up rooted by the wind and rain.

The storms did not seem to up set my 6 laying hens, today I had 6 eggs when I went to the hen house to feed, water and gather eggs. Four nice large brown eggs and two smaller cream colored bantam eggs. Grin .. I still don’t know it the surviving guinea is a hen or a cock. I guess if I find a guinea egg it’s a hen!

Gone Fishing GGS(Great Grand Son) turned 4 years old in March, is learning how to fish and with a bit of help mostly from grandpa Ron, has caught and released a few catfish. These fish are still a bit small for the frying pan. I stocked the pond with channel catfish and red ear perch last summer, but so far no one has caught a red ear perch! Gone Fishing
FYI we use barb-less hooks to minimize mouth injury to the fish when removing the hook.

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4 responses to “Tiny Garden – Wind And Rain Storm Damage

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    This must have been awful. I bet your garden is fine now, but I love looking at old posts on new blogs for this very reason – you see an interesting story, then can skip ahead & see how it panned out 🙂

    Saw you on Anneli’s blog, by the way (thought I’d say). That’s how I got here!


  2. Those high winds can get pretty scary. Too bad about your daughter and son-in-law’s roof. Well, at least it wasn’t worse and they weren’t hurt. We can be thankful for that.


  3. Re: Isobel – thanks for taking time to visit my tiny humble blog.
    It seems that every year we get at least 1 wind event that does severe damage to my tiny garden. I’m looking for someone that is replacing their old wood privacy fencing. I plan on cutting off the bottom 1/3 or so and erecting a fence that is 3 to 4 foot tall around my tiny garden for a bit of wind protection.
    I’m replanting/replacing my corn crop with popping corn from my pantry.
    Hapy safe gardening


  4. That was quite a storm. I’m glad most of your plantings survived and the chickens remained calm. Whenever I hear the winds pick up around here I can feel myself tensing although in the city damage is less likely than in open areas. Have fun fishing and have a nice weekend. 🙂


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