Wish I Had Thought Of That – Chicken Coop – Cold Frames And Hoop Houses

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hen house in a tree Just for the fun of it. While cursing around reading a few Gardening blogs I stumbled upon this really neat, cute Tree House hen house. I had one of those Why Didn’t I Think Of This Idea moments.
Of course to make this work you must first have a fairly large tree in your backyard or build it on tall stilts in an out of the way place in your backyard.

It is something none of your friends have and it will surely make your poultry house the talk of your friends and neighbors.
Source The Orchard Cottage The Chicken tree house.

new cold frameA Summer Project for your Fall Garden
A cold frame is nothing more than a wooden box with a glass top(hinged door) or clear plastic top that will be hinged to allow you access to your Fall / Winter garden.

A raised bed garden plot can easily be retro fitted with a portable Cold Frame. A cold frame constructed to set inside your raised bed wood frame is a perfect way to get a full 365 day’s benefit from your raised bed investment.

The two main considerations, if your are going to use recycled windows or a storm door is construct your cold frame to fit the window / door that you have. Keeping in mind that it must also fit in side your raised bed framing. cold frame packed with hay

In colder climates you can help your cold frame retain warmth at night from the sunshine’s heating by packing hay on all 4 sides of your cold frame. This is most important on the north side to protect your cold frame from the cold north winds of winter.

In milder climate’s you may need nothing more than a hoop house made from clear sheet plastic covering over your raised bed. cold frame hoop house Any of the cool / cold weather crops can be grown and over wintered in your cold frame.

Cabbage, kale, lettuce, radish, turnips, beetroots, carrots and many others will tolerate a lot of cold if protected from the ice cold winds, ice and snow coverage of winter.

In late Winter early Spring a cold frame also works wonders in getting you Spring garden seed germinated and off to a strong healthy start.

A Word Of Caution: On a sunny day, even when the outdoor temperatures are still quite cold the air temperature in side your cold frame can shoot up hot enough to damage tender new seedlings. You may need to prop the door open a bit to allow excess heat to escape during the day.

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3 responses to “Wish I Had Thought Of That – Chicken Coop – Cold Frames And Hoop Houses

  1. I am amazed how you often recycle things (in this post, the windows) and make them useful and beautiful at the same time 🙂


    • Re Sam Han – Recycling ? …. Smiling … Poor old country boy’s have poor old country boy way’s.

      Good eating and have a lot of gardening fun


  2. Great ideas for the handyman gardener.


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