Storm Front – Oklahoma Tornado’s

A strong line of thunderstorms setup along the east side of a dryline extending from Kansas south into north Texas area.

Strong and some severe thunderstorms that produced numerous tornado’s fired up on the east side of the dryline and quickly intensified as they moved away from my tiny farm before striking Oklahoma City, Moore and Norman OK. area.

This storm has a confirmed 51 dead and searchers are still sifting rubble for more victims of this storm.

The National Weather Service estimated that the storm that struck Moore, Okla., on Monday had wind speeds of up to 200mph (320kph).

The 1999 storm that struck the same general area of Oklahoma, had winds clocked at 300 mph(480kph), according to the weather service website, and it destroyed or damaged more than 8,000 homes, killing at least two people.

Reference Deadly tornado hits Oklahoma City – Moore and Norman

moore ok tornado

moore-norman ok tornado

norman-moore ok tarnado


AP Photos: Images from the aftermath of devastating Oklahoma tornado

Oklahomans are a hearty, tough, resilient bunch. In the next few days, weeks and months we will bury and grieve for our dead. Then we will do what we always do. We will rebuild our towns, our cities and our lives..

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11 responses to “Storm Front – Oklahoma Tornado’s

  1. Hope you are okay! Stay safe!


    • Re anihimura – Yo – thanks for dropping by. everything is fine and safe here, that storm fired-up about 15-20 miles east of me and moved quickly off to the northeast. It spawned several tornado’s before hitting the Moore area.
      Be safe, be happy, and enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables all summer and fall


  2. Good to hear from you, couldn’t help but think about you. I’m sick to my stomach over this, was so praying it wouldn’t strike Oklahoma City, would stay in the fields.


  3. Thinking of those children, and their families.


  4. I can’t even imagine how terrible it would be to have a tornado roar through my area.


  5. For now we are sending prayers your way and to all those affected by this horrible event. It is one thing to lose your possessions if your family is alive, but to lose loved ones is horrible.


  6. I was thinking about you, are you ok?


    • Re Nikitaland – we are not out of the woods ‘yet’, early this morning thunderstorms fired up west of me and so far this morning I have received hard driving rain, hail up to 1 1/2 inch in diameter and west winds with gust upto 77mph(124kph). There are still large storms west of me. The good news so far we haven’t had enough sun shine to get the heating and updrafts needed to cause tornado development.

      Happy safe spring gardening


  7. Libby Keane

    Hope you are well & safe Po.


  8. Take care. Thinking of all in the area.


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