May And It’s To Cold To Plant My Garden – What’s Up With That?

The Bad News Is: The 3rd morning of May. My temperature was setting at 31.7 (-0.16C) for more than 3 hours. It wasn’t a hard freeze but it surely was not beneficial for my warm weather plants like yellow summer squash and peppers. Checking my soil temperature I found my soil at two inches deep is 48 (9C)degrees, still a full 12 degrees below the 60 degrees (15.5C) needed for planting most summer garden crops. Note: When planting peppers you soil temperature needs to be 70+ degrees. Peppers germinate best with soil temperatures between 75 to 80 degrees.

The Good News Is: My weather guy is forecasting night time temperatures falling into the low 40’s and pushing into the low 80’s by Tuesday next week. What a difference a year makes. May 3rd 2012 we had a low of 60 degrees and a high of 97 degrees, squash and cucumber were in full bloom.

Brrrr, I just went out an inspected my peppers and squash. I think the peppers will recover from this cold spell, but I’m not so sure that the squash will recover. If they don’t look any better in a day or so I will rip them out and replant squash the same time I plant my cucumber seed.

It warmed up a bit and this afternoon I (using a tractor and box blade) moved another 500 or so pounds of old hay and cow dung onto my compost pile. It seems that I can use my homemade compost faster than I can make it!

diy green house


Find of the day Texasprepper2 Greenhouse Build Post If your in need of a cheap, easy to build (DIY) green house, check out this site.

He has a very good and easy step by step How To description on building this green house and it’s supported by a lot of good pictures making this an easy cheap functional green house project.

From my For What’s It’s Worth Department: Don’t forget today is World Naked Gardening Day – May 4th 2013

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4 responses to “May And It’s To Cold To Plant My Garden – What’s Up With That?

  1. This has been a slow spring. Our Azalea’s just opened this weekend. Keep those peppers warm. I’m going to experiement this year, now that our gardens are large enough, and made a pile of compost (say, about 3-4 feet wide) at the end of each section of the garden. Next spring, I can just pull it over the bed, without having to haul it another time. Maybe, I’ll write about this next year, if it work.


    • Re hermitsdoor – That’s pretty much what I do. I pile my compost near one side or on the end of my garden, then when needed I use a box blade to drag and spread the compost over my garden before tilling it into my tiny gardens clay based soil. Grin … my dirt is getting better all the time.
      Happy gardening


  2. Our usual planting day isn’t until the third week of May, and it is just now starting to look hopeful, but in the meantime I lost my sunflowers that had already sprouted. Time to replant those.


    • Re wordsfromanneli – for us it has been a really odd and cold first week of May. Friday morning we were 1 degree warmer than the all time rerecorded record low of 30 degrees set in 1907. We almost never have a freeze after the 15 day of April.
      I’m hopeful this means that we will not have any or at least only a few days above 105 degrees this summer.
      I hope you can soon get your hands dirty and your garden planted. Happy spring gardening


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