Freeze Warning Forecast – May 3rd and 4th 2013 – What’s Up With That?

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Now as Paul Harvey would have said here’s the rest of the story.
It’s May 2nd, 2013 and I am again under a freeze warning for the next 2 or maybe 3 nights!
My weather guy said it will be a hard freeze with a chance of rain or ‘snow’ Friday morning before sunrise. Snow in May! What’s up with that?
The wind woke me at 2.30am, its holding steady at about 35mph and gusting to over 45mph at times.

Yesterday afternoon I cut some 6 inch diameter PVC pipe into 8 inch lengths to put over my tender seedlings that I planted into my garden Sunday afternoon. I’m hopeful that the PVC pipe will keep the cold wind from breaking by seedlings of at ground level and give them a bit of protection from the cold as well. After sunrise I will check my tiny plants and see how well they are standing up to the cold north wind from our latest arctic cold front.

This cold blast won’t be helpful for my carrots, lettuce and radishes, but they will stand up to a lot of cold air much better than yellow summer squash and pepper seedlings.

My plan is to buy my tomato seedlings and plant tomato’s and cucumbers as soon as this arctic blast has moved out of southwest Oklahoma. Maybe as early as this weekend. After Friday night Saturday on is forecast to be in the low 40’s at night and low 70’s for daytime highs. I am hopeful this will be our last arctic blast this spring.

To say spring 2013 has been an unusual is the understatement of the 21st century!

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16 responses to “Freeze Warning Forecast – May 3rd and 4th 2013 – What’s Up With That?

  1. I LOVE your blog. Ever since I found you a loooong time ago, I always look forward to your posts arriving in my inbox. By the way, our lettuce that I told you about is getting bigger every week. This is the Black Seeded Simpson Leaf Lettuce that we planted last year and survived the winter and started to come back this Spring. I just never knew that it would re-grow itself again. And….it is! When I get the chance, I will send you a photo of it in the garden that I took over the weekend!


  2. Oh hello my fellow Okie NEOK here! We got through the last night ok I think, it only managed to get down to 35f in the greenhouse, it did snow a fair amount for this time of year. My main worry is for my hardy kiwis. They have not enjoyed these up and down temps of the last few weeks!
    I’m curious as to what your secret is for getting all the traffic to your blog?
    Best of luck, Pa.


    • Re offkilteracres – Thanks for finding time to visit my tiny humble blog.
      Visitors and Followers: There is no secret formula for me. 625 post, 4 years on this blog, I blog about the things that interest me. I check my facts before I post when giving advice. I link back to any blog or website that I scavenge information from.
      I use common names and speak in plain old country boy terms. No Greek here!
      I visit many other peoples blogs and comment and click LIKE if I do like the blog before leaving.
      I try to keep my post to 750 or fewer words. If people wanted to read a book they would be on or else where.
      I limit the number and keep my pictures mostly in thumbnail size, allowing my blog to display much faster than posting large format pictures.
      I hope this is helpful
      Happy spring gardening


  3. Good luck with the cold weather!


    • Grin … It has been 35 years(1978) the last time we had a freeze this late in the year and if get a little snow as forecast, our last snow this late in the year was 1907.
      Smiling .. I need something sweet with cinnamon and hot coffee this morning.


  4. I’m not surprised. It’s been very cold in the Pacific Northwest too.


    • Re wordsfromanneli – I have a friend near Port Alberni on Vancouver Islasd and she tells the the same thin about her spring time weather. Very cold for this late in the year.
      Grin, Happy cabbage rolls and lettuce sandwiches!


  5. Here in Colorado we lost our early lettuce and greens a couple of weeks ago due to snow anf single digit temps. We had snow yesterday but not so cold so we’re hoping it made it through this time.


    • Re pbodwell – NEXRAD radar is showing a bit of mixed snow and freezing rain about 30+ miles west of me and moving slowly in my direction. So far my temperatures have bottomed out this morning at 39 degrees.
      Maybe your late season single digit temps killed a few unsuspecting bad bugs!
      Happy spring gardening


  6. You have earned every last visitor, like, and comment with this blog. It’s a gem! Don’t take the time to answer this, go protect those baby plants!


    • Re schmoozelfleugen – Thank for your very kind comment. Sometimes I don’t feel that me or my little blog deserve so much attention or so many wonderful visitors.
      Thank You


      • Ah, but you do! You have a real gem there, informative and friendly, choc full of solid, down-home farm advice. Gardening, no matter what we’re all growing…be it acres of hay, or a kitchen plot for vegetables, even down to my buckets of tomatoes…is all farming. It’s basic. Sun, water, air, soil, seed, and care. Your site cuts through the Internet rhetoric, the fancy jargon, and gets to the basics of it all, making learning a lot easier for those of us who visit your site.
        Thank you!!!


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