Hyper Active Worms – Or – Caffeine Induced Wide Awake Worms!

I have put down so much old coffee grounds in my porch pots the earth worms now have insomnia from all the caffeine! I don’t know where the grounds go. It seems like within two weeks after I put a large coffee can full of coffee grounds in a porch pot they just disappear. Composting into a really good potting soil I hope.

Two nights past it got down to 31 degrees again! I’m hopeful that it was winters last cold blast and I can now start planting frost tender spring garden seeds and seedlings. This morning at 5am it was 58 degrees and forecasting 70 for today’s high but with a 20-25mph northwest wind it feels much colder than the current 60 degrees. Pretty much the same forecast for the next 7 – 10 days.

After SNL(Son-N-Law) tilled in that last ton or so of old grass bedding hay mixed a lot of cow dung about two weeks ago, my garden soil is taking on an appearance of fine garden soil. That red clay based garden soil is taking on a nice dark rich color from all the humus and livestock dung that has been tilled in to compost down during the past 60 days or so. Over the past 2 months I think my SNL has spread and tilled in at least 2 tons if not more old soiled, livestock bedding hay along with a lot of fresh manure.

rabbit eating pepper plant I have six yellow summer squash seedlings needing planted. I will need to cut the bottom out of 6 large 35 ounce coffee cans to put over the seedlings to give them a little wind protection and I hope, keep the damn rabbits from eating my seedling. I am resorting to harsh rabbit control measures. One box of #5 shot shells and a 12 gauge shot gun. Rabbits that are not processed for my consumption and frozen will be fed to our catfish and crawdads (crayfish). It has been a very reproductive winter for rabbits!

I have a patio container made from a 30 gallon plastic barrel cut in half (length wise) I’m going to try planting some lettuce seed in that container and see how that works out.

My daughter got me 6 pepper seedlings today. Three Hungarian (hot) peppers and three Jalapeno (hot) pepper seedlings. All peppers along with six yellow summer squash seedlings will get planted tomorrow afternoon.

I checked today and at 4 inches deep the soil temperature was 54 degrees. That’s a full 20 degrees to cool for pepper seeds to germinate. So it will still be sometime until I can garden soil plant the remaining pepper seed I have on hand. This year it looks like it will be the first week of May or later before I can plant and reliably germinate warm weather crops like pepper, okra and black eyed peas.

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6 responses to “Hyper Active Worms – Or – Caffeine Induced Wide Awake Worms!

  1. They’re saying it will be getting down to 38-40 degreesThurs/Fri nights South of DFW this week! Sure to be colder up where you are! Take care with your tender seedlings! Crazy weather we’ve had this year. It’s never been this cold this late in the 9 yrs we’ve been in Texas! I haven’t even put my tomatoes and peppers out yet. Poor things have been in a small indoor greenhouse unit since we planted the seeds Jan 22. I think their growth has been stunted from being cooped up for so long in my tiny greenhouse. They are still so small and fragile! I’ve been hardening them off on the back porch for a couple of weeks, but every time I plan to put them out in the garden, we get another very cold night. I guess I will be keeping them in until next week now, and covering my herbs, eggplants and other cold-hating plants again this week. At least it has given us some grace on getting a late start on our onions, carrots and lettuce. They are doing great, and the peas are really taking off, as are the pole beans. Our first year with a big backyard garden (15×40) and we are doing it as part of our homeschooling this semester. The kids are learning so much! (so am I!!)


  2. I’m jealous of all your livestock dung! I’d kill to be able to haul it out from one of the many farms outside of our town. With only kitchen scraps and lawn clippings, composting is a slow process here!


  3. I envy you the rich soil, and I can commiserate about the rabbits. We have them too. But the owls usually move in and take over rabbit control.


    • Re: wordsfromanneli – Things are not always that they seem. My ‘Free’ grass hay mulch and compost arrives at my tiny farm as $125.00 a ton grass hay, Hay dropped on the ground by the cows is forked up and moved to the barn to be used as livestock bedding. After it is to soiled to use as bedding, it is forked up along with a lot of dung and moved onto the compost pile. Then again it is forked up an moved when and where it is needed in the garden. Happy Bug Free gardening


  4. We are still getting frost here, and even last Saturday it snowed. We just want this weather to taper off already so we can get out and garden!


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