Walking Catfish – Or – Great Grandson Goes Fishing

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automatic fish feeder

Timer Controlled Automatic Fish Feeder

Our long running drought saw Ronny’s pond dry up during the summer 2010 for the first time. Making the best of a bad situation, we rented a D4 bulldozed and Ronny spent most of 3 days digging out his pond making it much deeper and a bit wider and longer.

red ear sunfishFinely in the spring of 2011, we got a hard rain and the pond filled about half way up again. We bought 100 Red Ear (Sun Fish) Perch (about 1 inch long) and 100 (3-4 inch long) Channel Catfish to stock our little fishing hole. Eeeek then it didn’t rain again for 4 months. I was afraid the pond would go dry again and we would loose all of our investment in stocking the pond with fish. But it did rain and this time it filled our little pond up to the top.

If your interested, I got mine from Moultrie feeders They sell deer/turkey feeders as well. It has a lot of features allowing feeding up to 6 times a day with adjustments for the amount of feed dispensed at each feeding. Best part is it is adjustable to dispense the fish food in any direction (directional) you need to sling the feed. Not just in a circular pattern like deer and turkey feeders.

feeding time- catfish

Feeding catfish

To keep Ronny’s longhorn bull and cows out of the fish feeder bucket, I constructed a hinge pole sticking 4 feet out of the ground, with an upset feed bucket holder arm that keeps the feed bucket high enough and far enough over the pond that the cows can’t reach the feeder bucket.

feeder holder Now The Part About Walking Catfish! Not long ago, Ronny had the feeder bucket off it’s bucket holder arm to replace the 6 volt battery. I noticed that the catfish were all feeding at or very near the pond shore line. After a quick investigation… Oooops, When Ronny reinstalled the feeder bucket he reattached the bucket 180 backwards and was slinging most of the fish food onto dry land. Grin … I explained to him that we had the common American Channel catfish, Not the Amazon river delta Walking Catfish! After he turned the feeder bucket the right direction our catfish are much happier at feeding time.

pond april 2013 I have hopes that by mid-summer or so, we will have a few 2 pound catfish and the Red Ear perch should be pan size as well. That’s just the right size to serve one person fried catfish. …. Grin …. That will give me and Great Grand Son an excuse to Go Fishing! I have ordered both of us new telescoping fiberglass poles (like the old real Cane Poles) but more durable I hope. His is 10 feet long (he’s just a little guy, you know) and mine is 13 feet long. We will be using barb-less hooks so we can easily catch and release fish not need for the table.

A few worms or small grasshoppers, a large glass of ice tea for me and a jelly glass of 100% fruit juice (none of that extra sweet, 10% juice for my Great Grand Son) for him and we will be set for our big fishing trip to yea old fishing hole.

Fun Catfish Facts
Catfish get its name from its long, feline whiskers, which are officially called “barbels.”
Most full-grown, farm-raised catfish weigh between 1 and 2 pounds.
Because it’s a firm-fleshed fish, catfish is an excellent candidate for grilling and frying.
Catfish is relatively lean, and is low in saturated fat. It’s also high in vitamin D and is
a good source of protein. catfish fillets
Catfish has a thick, inedible skin, not scales. Remove (skin) before cooking.

Fillet catfish as you would any other fish, this will produce 2 nice sized boneless fish fillets. Fillets because they’re boneless and they have a uniform thickness, makes them easy and they cook more evenly.

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3 responses to “Walking Catfish – Or – Great Grandson Goes Fishing

  1. I love cajun flavored cat fish. This story reminds me of a story that was in my 8th grade reading book about a pond that flooded and one year was dried up when they used it to put out a fire on the farm. Grandpa always restocked it even when the others said no, he said it gave him hope. I wish you happy fishing this year.


  2. Are catfish tasty? Are they bony?


    • Re wordsfromanneli – Fillet catfish as you would any other fish, this will produce 2 nice sized boneless fish fillets. Fillets because they’re boneless and they have a uniform thickness, makes them easy and they cook more evenly. Most are farm raised making them a renewable resource. The ‘skirt’ thin flaps of meat near the head (rib cage) are boney and I simply remove them before cooking. Deep fry, dredged in a flour/cornmeal spiced mix. Drop in hot oil near it’s smoking point. Fish will go to the bottom of your cooker and when golden brown and fully cook will float back to the top. Remove and drain on paper towels.
      Happy fish frying and delicious eating


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