Pickle On A Stick – Or – Another Cucumber Trellis Idea

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pickle on a stick
It will soon be time for planting cucumbers in my Tiny Garden. Looking for ways to maximize production, conserve space and minimize weeding and watering chores I discovered two cucumber trellis ideas that I really like.

Pyramid style trellis would make a interesting addition to your garden as well as being a functionable vegetable trellis. It can be scaled to any size that fits into your garden size and can be used to trellis any vine plant such as pole beans, peas or cucumbers or as a flower tower covered with morning glory’s. vegetable trellis
I have some old salvage 2 by 6 boards that I’m going to run through the table saw ripping them down into 1 3/4 inch wide by 1 1/2 thick boards to use in constructing my pyramid. Adding a little bit of string for the vines to climb on, then planting cucumbers on the south and east sides finishing up by planting a few morning glories on the north and west sides.
10 line panel trellis
I have a salvage cattle panel that is 16 feet long by 52 inches tall. I think that if I form it into an arch 4 or maybe 5 feet wide at the base (bottom) it will be tall enough that I can walk under the arch without bumping my head and make finding and picking cucumbers a simple task.

I’m going to make this arch kind of, sort of the entry way into my tiny garden.

After much searching, I have found most of my drip irrigation parts. I will soon start laying out my rows and design new and better self watering devices to provide ample water for my vine plants and other water loving garden plants. I’m trying this year to stop or at least reduce the use of over head watering with sprinklers that tend to compact my clay based garden soil and can encourage fungus infections in the garden.

Filling a couple of porch containers today I was impressed at the quality and quantity of compost derived from a large pile of chipped trees I got for free last Fall. I’m adding a bit of semi-composted cow manure and grass hay as well. Pure wood chips make great soil amendment adding lots of organic material to your soil, but, can be low in nitrogen content. flower water can

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11 responses to “Pickle On A Stick – Or – Another Cucumber Trellis Idea

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  3. I am itching to start gardening once I rid my tiny yard of purple bell flower. Some of these space saving tips will definitely come in handy!


  4. Love your gardening ideas! We bought a trellis that folds up tight for storage. Iggy anchored it into the garden with a couple of metal waratahs and we had the best ever runner bean crop – 10 seeds salvaged from last year’s beans, lots of watering (we had a four month-long drought here) and just the right angle for sun. I took down the old vines this morning and notice some self-seeded passionfruit waiting in line by the trellis. I guess they get to go next! Thanks so much for dropping by my monarch butterfly blog and liking it. Happy blogging and happy gardening.


  5. We need to find a way to hold up our cucs too this year. Our neighbor had a great idea as the used two poles, one on either end of his garden and stretched some nice metal chicken wire to each pole. His cucs grew up the chicken wire really nice. I think we might do that this year in our garden.


    • Cucumbers don’t seem to care what they climb on. Wire of ant kind seems to work well. I have found that as the wire mesh size gets smaller the more difficult it is get the old vines off the trellis during Fall clean-up.

      Good pickle on a stick eating from home grown, vegetable garden.


      • I agree. Nothing beats eating something from your own home garden. Tastes so much better. You should see our cabbage plants under our grow light now. They are getting so nice and big that I keep thinking we will get a small head on them soon. (just kidding) But we are so glad our plants are getting so nice and big and strong. I just can’t wait for the tomatoes so I can make some fresh salsa already!


  6. I have seen the cattle fence used as a verticle support for climbers (beans, cuccumbers, tomatoes), but I like the arch shape. Do you leave the area under the hoop empty? Can you plant something under it? Does the catttle fencing return to a flat shape for winter storage? I have constructed hinged trellises using 2″x2″x8′ boards. I make a retangle about 2′ wide & 6′ high. I add 2″x4″ welding wire mesh to this. They stand (with stake supports against the wind) like the pyramid form you pictured. In winter, I fold them flat and store them under the porch.


    • Re: hermitsdoor – I like the take apart idea. I may steal your idea and invest a bit more in lumber and time to make mine into a easy take apart and store project. Thanks
      Hope your weather is allowing you to get into your garden for Spring planting.


  7. Grin …. If it was ever alive it can and in my opinion should be in your compost pile. I don’t recommend many foods like meat be composted, not because they are bad compost, but, because they attract unwanted guest like rats, cats, dogs, lions, tigers and bears..
    Yea, spring has finely arrived in my semi-desert area od Southwest Oklahoma .. I Hope!
    Happy spring gardening


  8. Good! I’ve found a use for the wood chips I have lying around near the firewood cutting pile.


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