Last Frost – I Hope – Spring Garden Plans Are Well Under Way

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doddle bug Today using the doddle bug I got him last summer, Ronny {sun-n-law1.0) hauled about a ton more cow manure and old soiled bedding hay from the barn dumping it on this years garden plot. In a day or two the garden will be dry enough to till in all the hay and manure. One final raking and I will start planting this years garden.

Corn, mustard, radish, beet root {maybe}, pinto beans, onion sets and celery will go in first. Followed in a week or so with yellow summer squash and cucumbers. Tomato’s, pepper and okra will be planted the first week of May along with a row or two of black eyed peas.

This morning early I dumped out the 22 long rifle shells and reloaded my 22 rifle with 22 shorts. So far today I have harvested 4 garden eating cotton tail rabbits that I processed {about 5 pounds of fresh rabbit meat} and put in my freezer. Nothing is wasted, I keep all the fresh rabbit meat. Anything I don’t want to keep is put in our fish pond to feed the catfish and crayfish. Grinning, now rabbits are truly a renewable food source! They breed, well, they breed like rabbits!

The newest addition to our tiny farm is a lap goat. Bottle fed and almost 2 months old now. He will be about 65 to 70 pounds at 1 year of age and A mature Boer (2 years old) male can weigh 240-300 lbs.

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5 responses to “Last Frost – I Hope – Spring Garden Plans Are Well Under Way

  1. Will the goat be used for stud or for the dinner table?


    • Re SJPBF thanks for taking time to visit my tiny blog.
      Goat has been cut and will no longer smell or taste like a billy goat. when it’s about 75 – 100 pounds he will be processed and put in our deep freezer for a special family BBQ event.

      Happy gardening


      • Yummy! Loving your blog, thanks for stopping by mine, I spent a year in Lubbock many moons ago – if you are from just east of there, that would make you from where?


        • I was born and lived in the middle of a 14 square mile wheat patch just north and west of canyon Texas then at age 5 we moved to …well near Idalou, Texas 7 or so miles east of Lubbock. I spent the next nearly 30 years running a manufacturing company in Lorenzo, Texas about 15 or so miles east of Lubbock. We designed and manufactured mostly cotton production implements.
          Have a productive summer garden


  2. We still have a little ways to go before our last frost. But our plants are doing nicely in the basement under the grow light! I also wanted to mention that our leaf lettuce in the garden that I told you about is getting a little fuller. Still can’t believe that it is coming back from last year!


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