Garden Fairies To My Rescue

fairy Keep Whining, It Works! I’ve been whining to to anyone what would listen for the past 2 months that I needed to spread and till sort-a compost into my garden plot.
Today I had to go to town this morning early. Got all my running around accomplished.
When I pulled in to my drive, Wow, the Garden Fairies had spread about a ton of cow and donkey manure mixed with longhorn cow bedding hay on my garden plot and had tilled it all in well.
That will be really helpful to prevent this tight clay soil from crusting over after I sprinkle or after a rain and preventing my garden seed pushing through the soil.

I really think it was my (SNL) Son-N-Law1.0 and my grandson. Big Grin … Maybe SNL felt guilty about all the time I invested in this winters Grain Drill restoration project. Now all I need do is a little raking and wait for the soil to warm to plant my summer garden.

If I can find the parts I bought last year, I still have enough time to assemble a drip irrigation system for this years garden plot. Considering my water supply I think a drip system is going to be a must have, worth while spring project.

It’s 8pm, 46 degrees, north wind at about 25mph and feels much colder than 46 degrees.
Time to got to Michelle L’s for my Saturday visit with my daughter, SNL, grandson, grand daughter and great grand son.

Happy gardening.

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8 responses to “Garden Fairies To My Rescue

  1. Great to have help like that. Hope you enjoyed the time with the family. Those are the times that make life worth while.


  2. marieandtheappletree

    have you got a wind break in? sounds like all that cold wind would really stunt a lot of growth? if its dry soil and low rainfall have you got access to any australia natives through seed companies? wattles are excellent as they are nitrogen fixing and wattle seeds for birds + humans


    • Re: marieandtheappletree – Grin … I do have a fairly good north wind break, it’s a single, lone tree on the hill top about 1/2 mile (1km) north of my garden. I am considering installing a 4 foot (1.25meter) wood picket fence around my tiny garden. Smile … I don’t need to feed or water fence..
      Think Fall Garden.. It’s that time of the year.


      • marieandtheappletree

        Check these out, obviously yours is south facing in the USA.
        My wind break is finally working, I chose three layers of vegetation, the tall canopy storey being sydney gums, with wattles providing bushy lower canopy, and weeping bottlebrush lower still, all provide wind protection, bird havens, nitrogen fixing, firewood etc. Its taken 3 years but its starting to really work now. Wind is our major problem as well, we are in a medium fire risk area which limits what we can put in close to the house. Yes here in Australia its Autumn, Im putting in my tree orders 🙂 Good luck with the spring gardening!


  3. Do you mulch? My garden is addicted to grass clippings. After 5 years of sheet composting, our Oregon river silt (not clay, true, but too close for comfort) no longer needed to be rototilled before planting.


    • Re: teri gray – Thanks for taking time to visit my tiny blog. Yes I do, this is year 3, year 1 no mulch bad idea, year 2 some mulch, way to little, this year I have access to a lot of hay with cow and donkey manure mixed in and will put down a heavy, thick layer of mulch, adding more as needed.
      *A long, long time ago in another life I lived in Falls City OR. for about a year. Way to much rain for a flat land Texas/Oklahoma boy.
      Happy gardening


      • Well, for most of the year, yes. But the summers are glorious! If I were the sort of person who could jsut roam the land, gardening in my various homes as the season allowed, it would definitely be summers in oregon.


  4. Aren’t you lucky?! You must have done something right. Happy for you.


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